Camping Gadgets for Christmas 2016

Here it is everyone! This is our first annual gadget post for Christmas presents. This article specifically focuses on gadgets that can be used while camping. So make sure to check out our other lists for more Christmas present ideas for those you love who love getting outdoors. So on with our list and let us know if there is something that we have missed!

1. Inflatable Outdoor Lounger…these air sofas have been popping up everwhere this year and our list is no different. They fill with air and seconds and are made with sturdy rip stop nylon. The best part is that they come with their own carry sacks that fit nicely into your backpacks. This means that when you find that right spot at the top of the mountain you can kick back, relax, and truely enjoy the view.

2. Solar Tent will let you get out and about and enjoy the outdoors while still letting you charge your phone or laptop while being connected to what really matters. This is a very popular tent and has been selling fast, so make sure you order early to get it by Christmas.

3. Helinox Table…This table is made from lightweight materials and can collapse down into a tiny sack. It makes this table awesome for backpackers and campers alike. Now you can have a table no matter where you find yourself.

4. VSSL Flask with Built-in Flashlight Who says that you can’t have it all. You will be able to find your way in the dark and help take the chill off on those nippy nights when you are wondering to find that one perfect tree. Click the light on and tip back with shots for two.

5. AMPware Ranger…Have you ever felt like technology is steps ahead of you and you just want to connect with the past? Well now you can. AMPWare provides a sturdy case with a handcrank so that you can power your iPhone anywhere. Just remember you can turn any crank for 10 seconds at a time just like Kimmie Schmidt.

6. GRAYL Legend Travel Water Purifier is the new way to ensure you have fresh clean drinking water no matter where you go. Just fill from any water source and enjoy.

7. BioLite NanoGrid… This system is fantastic while you are at your campsite and need an expandable lighting system. The system has many other options available to it also. OR just use the daisy chain lighting in your tent. The best part is that it recharges with the Biolite campstove which is also on our list.

8. Cafflano All-in-one Coffee Maker is an all-in-one portable coffee maker. Get a fresh ground cup of joe no matter where you are. IT is especially great on those cold trail mornings.

9. BioLite CampStove Set…This campstove kit has everything you need to do all your cooking while also generating useful electricity for other tasks.

10. The Luminoodle is a great way to light up your campsite. With over 5 ft of lights you can get light anywhere you want. It is not quite as expandable as the nano grid, but it gives great light where you need it.

11. IceMule Coolers HEading out on a fishing trip and need a cold drink for the afternoon? Then you will want to get an IceMule Cooler which can keep 12 cans of your favorite beverage cold for up to 24 hours.

12. Matador Pocket Blanket…This pocket blanket collapses down to smaller than a bag of chips or even a matchbook if you get the mini case. I means that having a nice place to have a picnic on a sturdy blanket is now always within reach.

13. Portable Compact Mini Washing Machine…Here is another way to get back to pre electronic bliss. This hand crank washer will ensure that your clothes are nice and clean even on those long camping trips.

14. Humangear GoBites Trio. This simple utensile kit is great and compact. It makes it easy to pull out of our pack and start chowing down. They are made sturdy and come with an integrated bottle opener.

15. Ravean’s Heated Coats make it so that you no longer need lots of layers in order to stay warm. Not to mention that they are very stylish for your posh family and friends. Take the edge off of those early winter mornings while wearing these coats.

16. BBQ Toolbox Here is a gift that will play double duty. First fulfill those manlier fantasies carrying that manlier red toolbox and then open it up and cook some delicious meat.

17. Hydaway Water Bottle. This is a great water bottle for backpacking. It accordion folds to a smaller size and can fit onto your backpack clips. Not to mention its stylish colors and varying sizes.

18. Grilliput Protable Grill…Take your grilling expertise anywhere you go with this collapsible grill. It will pack nicely into your backpack for those longer journeys.

19. Torchie … Here is a great way to make sure you always get a strong fire going. Couple this with your portable grilland you will be able to have a great meal and a warm fire wherever you go.

20. Tree Tent…Now you can take your tree house with you when you go camping. Float above the ground in this all season tree tent.

21. Corkcicle Vinnebago …Now take your wine with you in the vinnebago. This great container will hold an entire bottle of wine and keep it cold for over 24 hours or if you are making some mulled wine then it will stay hot for 12 hours.

22. Flapot…The Flapot will make your backpacking cooking much easier since you will now have a fold flat pot to cook with. Pack this lightweight pot into your pack and make it easier for delicious meals on the go.

23. Montague Paratrooper Pro …If you want to hit the trails quickly after setting up camp then head out on the collapsible Montague folding mountain bike.

24. Minipresso …is The perfect companion to the grinder mentioned above. This hand-powered espresso maker is perfect for the coffee lover that can’t afford to leave the coffee behind when out on the trail.

25. Rolo Travel Bag…This bag will allow for you to travel smart and light. It can hold up to four days worth of clothes and toiletries. The best part is that it just rolls and unrolls whenever you need to change and then you can just toss it back in your backpack,

These are our top 25 gadgets for camping that we recommend for this Christmas. So those camping and gadget lovers on your list should be well set up if you get them one of these gifts. Happy new adventures outdoors.

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