2017 Family Camping Adventures

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  • April 26, 2017 2:59 am

We did it! We have written a helpful guide for everyone to start planning their next family adventure. We can’t wait for you to read our book and see all of the great information that is included. A little sneak peak of the contents is in order:

1. What Kind of Camping Do You Want To Do? 4
2. Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall 8
3. How to pick the best tent 13
4. How to pick the best backpack 17
5. How to pick the best sleeping bag 20
6. Dressing for the weather 23
7. Campfires and setting up camp 26
8. All About Gourmet Camping Food 30
9. Fun Activities While Camping 34
10. Play it Safe – Packing a First Aid Kit 37
12. Staying in Touch 40
13. Set boundaries and follow them 42
14. Getting There Can Be Fun – Keeping Kids Happy 44
15. Destination Suggestions 48
16. 10 Fun Things for Kids To Do 51
17. What About Fido? 54
18. Camping Recipes 57

There are over 60 pages of great information to help any novice camper get started. Our favorite part is the recipes we have at the end. This is great starting resource, and right now the eBook is only $9.99!

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