Dutch Oven Cooking



One of the best parts of camping is the use of a traditional cast iron Dutch Oven. Dutch Oven cooking makes a meal without the hassle of switching from pan to pan or the use of too much oil. This oven is multipurpose and so versatile that you don’t need extra cooking devices to complete a delicious meal. Whether you are a first timer or a veteran when it comes to Dutch oven cooking, as long as you have passion when it comes to cooking then you’re good to go. Nevertheless, you need to have all the tools and accessories for cooking with a Dutch oven, this to ensure your safety as well as to make the job a lot easier.

Thick leather gloves, like the Camp Chef Heat Resistant Gloves , are advisable, not only with Dutch Ovens but also with other cooking vessels. In the first place you are cooking on an open fire so might as well be careful and wear a pair of gloves. Choose gloves that are made of thick and good quality materials, since some cast iron Dutch Ovens, especially those bigger ones, are too heavy to lift, so you need the proper gear to refrain from burning yourself.

The lid lifter is as important as the gloves; you need this to easily lift the lid without hurting yourself. There are quite a few varieties, however a typical lid lifter is an iron rod, (approx. 15″ long), with a hook on the end that fits into the loop handle on the lid. One similar to the Lodge A5DLL Deluxe Lid Lifter is a good choice because it is long, sturdy, and can make lifting easy with its added features.

The long-handled tongs are used to frequently turning food in the deep-sided Dutch oven. This is very convenient as you don’t need to put your hand too close to the open fire and hot oven pot. Tongs that are made of rigid plastic and those Teflon-coated materials are among the best, since it will not ruin the coating of your pot unlike metal spatula that can scrap the oil coating. You may even have a nice set at home that you like to use to reach into your grill out back. Don’t forget to pack it in your camping gear!

A soft bristle or brush for cleaning your Dutch Oven, do not buy those hard brushes as it might also ruin the surface of your oven pot. Never use metal utensils or things like steel wool in your Dutch Oven as this will only lead to heartache. Rinse your Dutch oven thoroughly with water and let it dry first before placing in storage.

These are the basic cast iron Dutch Oven tools and accessories that you should have included on your shopping list. With the proper gear you surely have the best campfire cooking every time, with the beauty of nature and the delicious meal that you will prepare using Dutch oven then there will be nothing happier than that.

The name Dutch Oven; has been used to refer to a variety of lidded pots over the generations. There are many Dutch Oven options, but for beginners starting with the Lodge L12CO3 Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven, 6 quart is the best way to go for quality and useability. Combine this with our favorite starter Dutch Oven cookbook,  Dutch Oven Handbook: The first 20 hours with the Dutch Oven, and you will have an amazing cooking experience the first time out.

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