Top 5 Outdoor Mother’s Day Gifts


We love to see our mothers happy, and there is no better day to see her happy than on Mother’s day. It is the one day where mom shouldn’t have to wake up early and get breakfast made, or start that next load of laundry. It is a day that she should be able to take off and just relax. But why limit her relaxation to just a single day during the year. The best mother’s day gift is the one that keeps on giving throughout the year. The one place that your mom goes every single day is outside. So if your mom loves the outdoors as much as you do, then the only way to spoil her all year is to get her something that will make her outdoor adventures that much more enjoyable. Here are five wonderful gifts that your mom is sure to enjoy day after day and camping trip after camping trip.


1. Kona French Coffee Press


Start your mom’s day off right with the KONA French Press Coffee Tea & Espresso Maker. This coffee press is good to use while you are out camping because it will give you fresh brewed espresso like coffee while out in the wilderness. It is also a multitasker and can be used to steep tea with some of the wild greens that your mom finds while she is out hiking. Also, let’s face it, there is nothing better than a hot steaming cup of coffee after getting out of your cozy sleeping bag. Even if you keep your mother so busy that she cannot make it to her favorite camping spot she will still be able to use this great press on a daily basis.


2. Emergency Survival Kit

This is another great daily use item for your mom. Especially, if you are anything like I was as a kid, or my children are now. Though this Emergency Survival Kit would be best used on a camping trip it may come in handy when things get rough in the house. There are over 25 tools included in this kit. Some of the 25 items that this kit includes are almost 10 ft woven cordage, stainless steel fire starter striker, Ferrocerium rod, metal wire, translucent shrimp lure, sterilizer pad, signal mirror, cooking foil, sewing needle, storage bags, safety pins and LEAD FREE weights. It may help to keep you going in disaster situations or when you are out in the woods. Either way it is small and compact and would be easy for your mom to carry anywhere.

3. Child Carrier

Sometimes getting out of the house with a young child can be challenging, but make it easier on mom with a multifunction baby carrier. Though this carrier can be used around the house, it functions much better out on the trail. It comes with ample storage and can support children up to three years in age. The strong cotton material and adjustable straps make it comfortable for mom to hike for hours while the littlest campers nap.

4. Portable Hammock

Why should only the youngest campers get a nap? Mom deserves one too, and you can give her one in her new portable hammock. The hammock is crafted with 100% high strength breathable nylon fabric, which is light, quick drying, strong, mildew resistant, machine washable, and so silky soft and comfortable. Your mom will enjoy taking a little rest while the gentle breeze rocks her to sleep. Make sure to set this up in a secluded area so that she can have the privacy and quiet she deserves.

5. Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

Camping is supposed to bring you closer to nature, and remind you of the things that truly matter like family. Though this applies for mom also, there is no reason that she can’t camp in luxury. The silk sleeping bag liner adds an extra layer of smooth fabric so that your mom feels like she is sleeping in her comfy bed no matter where she is at. It is light and comes with it’s own carry sack. Its low weight makes it perfect for for hiking. Mom will love to go camping with her new silk liner.

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