Tales from a National Park Campfire


It is time to get your spooky stories in order. With 15 scary campfire stories, Tales from a National Park Campfire is sure to set your hairs on end. The next day explore the trails where these tales happened with the included trail guide.

Ready to get spooky around the campfire with your family? How about telling bite-size horror around a National Park Campfire with youngsters—or to anyone, young or old, who wants a little fright? Now before you curl up in your sleeping bag in the great outdoors you can make your National Park visit come alive. You will enjoy reading these stories as you roast marshmallows around the fire and cuddle closer for protection with your family.

Each story is set in and around a National Park and samples real myths and locations that can be visited during your stay in that park. In addition, to the scary tales, each park mentioned is provided with more park-specific information to help you find your own spooky stories out on the same trails.

Tales from a National Park Campfire: Horror from the Fire Ring includes fifteen classic stories of adventures and ghosts, all fun and easy to remember and retell.

Read about:
Boy by the Lake
The Mean Minds of Hopi House
The Transept Trail
Keeper of Death
The Hoodoos
The Lost Mine
Enchanted Lake
Badlands Banshee
Under City of Death Valley
An Ancient Enemy
The Headless Bride


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