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By Hyacinth Rumero | 

The Tale of the Wolf Girl of Devil's River

Lake EspoNTosa has always had death and haunting lore near it. dating back to the native American tribes in the del rio area of Texas but that was about to become real for settlers in 1835

In 1835 a group of settlers descends on this erie part of Texas in search of a new life and homesteads. John Dent and his pregnant wife create their own brush hut away from the main party.

the Dents unknowingly escaped a Comanche raid that night where the rest of the party was killed and discarded into the lake. The spirits always get their due

The dents continued life hunting and trapping beaver until May 1835 when Mary went into labor during a frightful thunderstorm. Seeing his wife in need of aid John rides off into the storm for help.

John finds help at a nearby Mexican ranch. He explains where to go but as they are preparing to leave John is struck by lightning killing him instantly.

The next morning when help arrived they found the bloody remains of Mary.

Surrounding her were the bloody footprints of wolves. What they didn't find was a baby

Knowing the baby had been devoured they left as quickly as possible to avoid being caught by any linger phantoms or wolves

10 years pass and in 1845 the sightings begin of a girl running on four legs but can walk on two. The first is a young boy, then ranchers, and then the stories start to explode.

You see the wolves raised the baby after their meal. The wolf girl was caught but hearing howls coming from her locked room late at night meant she wouldn't stay caged for long

The Wolf Girl escaped back to Devil's River where you can still hear her howls and scratching to this day as she searches for her human mother

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