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By Hyacinth Rumero | 

The Tale of Boy Scout Lane

A lonely road in Wisconsin is the setting of this horrible tale of children, disappearance , and murder. Aptly this short unpaved road lays near Cemetery Road

It is supposedly the site of some kind of accident that resulted in an entire Scout troop getting killed.

a troop of Boy Scouts camped out in the woods in these deserted Woods one weekend in the 1950s or early 1960s.

The boys would fall asleep one night never to wake again as their trusted leader methodically moved from tent to tent.

Now those who go near this section of forest and road hear and see many paranormal events tied to the missing boys.



Foot Steps & Twigs breaking

Strange Lights



One group of teens has even been attacked finding human nail scratches on the outside of their car after hearing a whistle

It is best to avoid Boy Scout Lane the Next time you are in Wisconsin

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