Campfire tales 4

By Hyacinth Rumero | 

The Tale of Camp LuLu

There is a trail near Brownsville Texas which holds an alarming past. Are you brave enough to venture down the path?

At the end of this trail is an abandoned girl's camp where the spirits of the past never leave summer behind.

You see many years ago the girls arrived for a wonderful summer. Jim the new counselor was also excited to take on his new role.

The summer progressed and the girls settled in. Jim found his stride but would often spend time alone in the woods.

No one knows what really happened out there on his own, but he started acting strange and reclusive.

Done were the jokes. No longer did he encourage the girls. He was often found behind the cabins talking to himself.

The voices in Jim's head were telling him to do things he never should do. He knew it but they were controlling him

Following the voices Jim enters the cabins first violently attacking the girls and then killing them.

With the voices in Control Jim fled to the forest where he still roams the woods to this day. living off the land

The camp was closed after the incident. For the girls the summer goes on forever.

Now anyone who heads down the trail to the private camp may encounter the girls.

You will likely hear their screams of agony as you meander among the trees.

If your luck runs out they may ask you to join their endless summer

Are you brave enough to venture down this Terror Trail and join the girls in play?

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Campfire Tales

Hyacinth Rumero