Campfire tales 5

By Hyacinth Rumero | 

The Tale of Boggy Creek

In the Ozark mountains of Arkansas there is a legend of a monster who roams Miller County

Since 1840 the locals have told legends of a hairy big foot like creature.

The creature is seven foot tall, walks on two legs, reeks of death, and enjoys terrorizing the community

The creature may like to eat chickens, livestock, and dogs but human flesh is not out of the realm of possibility.

In the early 1900s the sightings of the boggy creek monster really started to spike.

Growing wearisome of losing livestock the community banded together two large hunting parties.

The set off into the forests in search of the monster. They should have known that they would soon become the hunted.

Their luck was poor right from the beginning with a heavy storm setting in over the valley.

With their gear soaked through they continued into the woods. On the second night their camp was bombarded with stones

the next morning while getting water from the creek they found the creatures footprints.

The first hunting party set off after the creature hot on its trail

They had little luck but each man could feel the eyes of something on his neck.

That feeling was especially strong for Steven who decided to head back to camp alone. He never made it.

One by one the men would venture into the woods to head back to camp or to answer natures call

One by one the party grew smaller.

The first hunting party was not able to complete their check in that night. The second party was forced to end their search and begin searching for the other hunters.

Oh they found the tracks. They found the hunters. Well pieces of them. It was a grizzly sight to behold.

The creature had ripped the hunting party limb from limb. Entrails were scattered through the forest

A lone survivor was found who recounted the tale. He later died of his injuries

The town decided then to stay out of the forest surrounding them.

The town folk know that the creature has a thirst for human flesh and so this story remains untold.

You see they have learned that the unknowing travels who come to town make excellent meals. They no longer lose their own families.

Now they sacrifice unknowing visitors to the creature. The townsfolk only whisper the monster's name.

So will you stay in the woods of Miller County?

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Hyacinth Rumero