Campfire tales 6

By Hyacinth Rumero | 

The Tale of the rougarou

There is a legend of a monster that roams the swamps of Louisiana

Cajuns have feared the Rougarou for centuries.

The Rougarou is half man and half wolf prowling for individuals to drink their blood and suck their energy for 101 days

This Rougarou tale begins with a married couple who are spending their first camping trip out in the bayou.

They wanted to enjoy peace and quiet in the land their parents had gifted them.

The trip was going well until one night the wife left her tent.

The husband was sleeping hard and didn't feel her leave.

She Wandered in the swamp for hours in a trance.

The RougaRou was following close behind her the whole time. He was forming his bond.

the next morning when the husband woke he found his wife gone and strange tracks around the tent.

He went off in search of his wife  as the sun rose over the swamp and found her in a stupor.

She Now had a new attachment that she couldn't share. She had the mark of the Rougarou.

The Rougarou can only hold the mark for 101 days unless the victim shares their story.

The woman knew she would be under the Rougarou's energy drain forever if she uttered on word.

It was the first secret she kept from her husband. But not the last.

After 101 days the Rougarou lifted his spell. The woman couldn't let go.

After having the wolf inside her she could never be whole again without him.

She left her husband and still wanders the swamp today as the bride of the Rougarou.

Now she helps lure unsuspecting victims to the rougarou's lair. Enticing them with beauty and love.

So beware the Bayou morning when the Rougarou feasts

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Hyacinth Rumero