Campfire tales 3

By Hyacinth Rumero | 

The Tale of the Raven Mocker

In an ancient Cherokee Lore the Raven Mocker hunts the weak and sick. Preying on their very life force.

In the Appalachian Hills of Tennessee the knight family would soon come to know all about this Cherokee Legend. They had recently settled their homestead with their aging parents.

They lived peacefully for a time until Papa Knight became ill. He rapidly got sicker and became so weak that he could barely move.

During his sickness a Raven would sit on the roof of the house and Caw at all hours of the day or night. He moaned in pain.

Though Papa Knight was knocking at death's door he miraculously became better.

However, shortly after Nana Knight took ill with the same affliction. She would not be so lucky. Nana died after only a few days of torment.

Upon her death the family realized that she had a large cut on her head and no heart in her body. Upon finding this Papa Knight started cawing like a raven.

Papa Knight ran out the door with the family close behind but when they got outside he was no where to be found. He had vanished.

The next time they went to town they ran into a medicine man there trading with the other settlers. When he heard the Knights story he knew instantly that the Raven Mocker had come calling

He told them how lucky they were to survive but to beware that the shape shifting Raven Mocker may be back as Papa Knight. Only a very skilled medicine man can defeat the Raven Mocker.

The next time you hear a raven beware as you may be the raven mockers next victim.

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