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Women’s Camping Gifts

Women's Camping Gifts

Are you struggling to find gifts for the camping women in your life? Well, look no further than our guide to women’s camping gifts. We have an assortment of all the women’s camping items that will set your favorite camper off on the right foot.

With so many options out there how do you know what to find? Is it something new or an upgrade to something they already own? Well, our women’s camping gift best-of-list will put you on the right path!

Remember that the best gifts are not always the most expensive. Camping can be a pricy activity. This women’s camping gifts guide will provide you with some affordable options for the camper in your life. Don’t get too worked up over the present though. In honesty, most of us who like to camp aren’t looking for super expensive things anyway. We just want to be outdoors!

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1. The Camping Tent

The number one item on our women’s camping gifts list is agreeably the most important. You need to have some sort of shelter when you venture out into the wild. This is because even if you prefer to sleep out under the stars, weather or other unforeseen circumstances could pop up. This may force you inside.

Women's Camping Gifts
The Luxcool 4-Person Camping Tent is a great option for camping shelters.

A shelter could be a camping tent. Preferably a sturdy and waterproof one like the one in the picture. This depends on personal preference as many people enjoy camping the more traditional way with a tent. With a four-person tent like this, the woman in your life can take the whole family out and have space for gear as well. Check out the other options below!

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2. All-In-One Soap

When camping lighter is better. The fewer things you have to pack for hiking the lighter you will be, right? So all-in-one soap can be really helpful. No soap isn’t heavy, per se. However, an all-in-one plays multiple roles, and every ounce counts. In this case, the soap will allow you to stay clean outdoors, but you don’t have to pack different soaps for every use.

Our suggestion is Dr. Bronner’s soap. This soap comes in at about $15 for 16 ounces. It can perform as a body wash, dish soap, makeshift toothpaste, and much more. It has eighteen different uses in all! And it’s also vegan and non-GMO. I love the fact that Dr. Bronner’s has so many uses which makes it a great deal as a women’s camping gift.

Women's Camping Gifts
Credit: Dr. Bronner’s Soap

3. Subscription to

A user-friendly program manages all of the intricacies and provides you with what you need to go caching for a day. You can find it on your smartphone or online at You know that this game is a fan favorite because it has currently more than a million active geocaches around the world.

The app is very intuitive and will help you quickly find and log geocaches. In addition, the company runs many different events throughout the year. In these events, you can earn digital badges for your profile. It is another fun way to engage your children in finding camping treasures.

Women's Camping Gifts

To begin geocaching go to to create a profile. Then look for geocache coordinates around the region you would like to explore. You will be surprised by how many there are right around your home! You will have to register at their website to begin your hunt, but the good news is it’s FREE!! However, members receive additional benefits so gift a geocaching membership this year. So start today and go out and play!

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4. The Right Clothes

Women's Camping Gifts
Make sure you have the right clothes for any unexpected weather.

If temperatures are low then packing warm clothes is a must. If they’re high then pack light-weight ones that still offer protection. Just be sure to check the weather and have the right clothes stored away for your trip.

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Make sure to get them the right clothes for their camping adventure. This includes a lightweight waterproof rain jacket, and possibly even a rain bag to carry your gear in if your current backpack won’t fit under the rain jacket. Because wet gear and clothes have the potential to ruin your entire trip.

Gear for base layers:

Gear for mid-layers:

Spyder Down Puffy Coat

Puffy Mid-layer pants

Gear for outerlayers:

5. A Hammock

Women's Camping Gifts
Wise Owl Outfitters

Sure you can sleep in your tent or RV and sleeping bags are comfortable, but when you’re camping the primary goal is to be outdoors! You might even want to take a nap or even just relax outdoors. A hammock can provide you with some comfort while you do so, and keep you off the ground.

The Wise Owl Outfitters camping hammock is a great option that comes in at around $40 and is extremely durable, it can safely take up to 400 pounds of weight. As an added bonus, It’s made out of nylon and is machine-washable.

6. A Pillow

This is probably the last thing you expected to be on this list but contrary to what you may think, it is a camping must-have. Getting a good night’s sleep while you’re camping can make the difference between enjoying your trip and being as grumpy as a grizzly bear, and a good pillow can give you better rest if nothing else can!

Women's Camping Gifts
TETON Sports camping pillow

This TETON sports camping pillow is only $15, but it can provide you with similar amounts of comfort that you’d get in your bed at home. There’s no inflating necessary, and this cotton pillow is made to be durable so that it can travel with you anywhere.

7. MSR PocketRocket Ultralight Stove Kit

Women's Camping Gifts

The MSR PocketRocket Ultralight Camping and Backpacking Stove kit includes all your cooking necessities. A cooking pot, dishes, and utensils for two people, while also including the stove that you will need to cook with.

This all-inclusive kit does have a nesting feature, which includes space for your stove. You will save time, space, and money by getting it included with your cooking set.

One of the concerns that I first came across when camping was whether or not my cooking set was safe for use on my stove. With this set, you do not need to worry about it. In fact, since the stove comes with the pan you can be assured that it is safe. You will still need to buy your fuel can though.

Another fun touch on this set is that it is color-coded. This is great for remembering whose cup and bowl belong to whom. They also make them easy to find since the colors contrast so well against the natural setting. So while you don’t have to worry about the stove and pot your camper may have difficulty picking which color she likes more!

8. Lodge Cast iron Camp Dutch Oven

Seasoned campers know that having durable and reliable camp cookware sets is a must. This is why many campers lean towards having cast iron skillets and Dutch ovens rather than stainless steel.

For women’s camping gifts cookware, you want to make sure you have the least amount of stress as possible, and the least amount of cooking utensils. This is why we suggest the Lodge Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven for cooking. This Dutch Oven is made of cast iron, making it a reliable resource to use in almost any condition, easy to clean, and incredibly versatile.

While cast iron cookware can be intimidating for modern cooks, with a little practice, you will see how this resource is widely used among campers. While it is heavy and not really meant for backpacking, the dutch oven will be able to cook anything you need it to. It is definitely worth a try! 

9. Odoland Camping Cookware Stove 

The Odoland Camping Cookware set is another great kit that would be specifically beneficial for backpackers. The 9-piece camping cookware set includes 1 mini stove, 2 aluminum non-stick pots, 1 spoon, 1 fork, 1 knife, 1 stainless steel cup (16oz), 1 silicone insulated cup protector, and 2 Carry bags.

This kit is the best of both worlds when it comes to having enough cookware and tableware for a backpacker. Of all of the options on the most reliable camp cookware sets, this is the only one that also comes with your mini stove! Making this a no-brainer for planning your backpacking trip.

Better yet, each piece fits inside the pot, with a smaller collapsible handle, and clips together making it easy to grab and get on the trail. These items will last you throughout your adventure and the next. 

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10. Sea to Summit Alpha 2.2 Dish Set

The Sea to Summit Alpha 2.2 set is also a great collapsable kit for your camping kitchen. Equipped with stainless steel handles and silicone rubber grips that make these are easy to use even when they are hot.

Additionally, the outside of the pot has a textured outer layer, making it more stable on any cooktop you use with it. A great choice for your couples camping trip. 

Still not convinced that these are the best for you? Much like the MSR option provided in number 7, this set is super lightweight. Coming in at only 16oz combined you can literally pack and forget this cookware. With everything nesting so nicely, you will certainly know that everything is right where it needs to be at mealtime.

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11. Bottle & Can Opener

Having a bottle opener and a can opener are two no-brainer items that you should have no matter what. They make cooking around the campfire that much easier.

If you have ever been out on the trail with a can of tuna or beans with no opener you know how painful it can be. You end up trying to pry your way in with a rock or a knife. It makes for a poor experience. Instead, go ahead and just pack this necessity for him so that he is prepared.

Bottle Opener Multi-Tool

Can Opener

12. Bug Spray / Bug Bite Thing

One of the things that people often complain about in the outdoors is bugs. Whether it is mosquitos, gnats, or ticks, it is important to have some protection from insects out in the wild. That is why having bug spray is so important. In fact, the prevention of bug bites can help protect you from getting diseases and illnesses like malaria and lime disease. It is so important to ensure you prevent as many bites as possible and bug spray is very effective.

Don’t just stick with on-body spray though. If you are sitting around a campsite or picnic table then invest in other bug-repellent items. These could include citronella candles or other tabletop repellents as well. In the event you do get bit you will need some relief. The Bug Bite Thing is a game-changer that is sure to give your woman relief quickly.

13. Flashlight

Have you found yourself waking up in the middle of the night to find that you can’t find that one little thing you need out of your pack? What about out on a long trail as the sun starts to set? Wouldn’t having a small lightweight light be just the ticket for finding what you need in your pack without waking up everyone else in your camp?

Women's Camping Gifts

The next must-have hiking gift guide item I want to recommend is a flashlight. You can find less expensive options like this one from Walmart which is only 27 grams! However, this 10,000-lumen rechargeable light is sure to light the way for your hiker. It also provides a range of options for you.

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This is one of the easiest pieces of gear that you can find that’s ultra-light which is great for hiking. It is more powerful for night hiking or spending a lot of time doing stuff at night. So if your hiker needs a little backup light with them when the moon just isn’t cutting it, then this is the one.

These two additional options below are similar to the one above but get your hands free. They also come in multi-packs. Therefore, you will have backups in case something happens to you during a trip. Having a handy ultralight flashlight like this handy will make nighttime on the trail that much easier.

14. A Pocket Knife

Remember how we’re looking for items that will serve diverse purposes? Our goal is to not only pack less but also spend less. Well, a pocket knife is another one of those women’s camping gifts items that is a necessary weight addition! It serves a lot of purposes while hiking like preparing food, cutting rope, cutting down hanging vines and other things in your way, etc.

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The best part is that you can find a good pocket knife for well under your budget. For instance, the Grand Way Tactical Folding Knife is for only $14. This knife also includes some extra features that could come in handy as well such as a fire starter handle and a whistle. Just make sure your hiker knows how to take care of your tool!

Grand Way Pocket Knife

WORKPRO Multitool-11 in 1

14. More Cooking Supplies

Unless you want your camper to eat cold food all the time they are going to need some good cooksets. However, packing a bunch of cooking supplies can be a hassle. Not to mention that a lot of camping cooking sets are expensive. Having cooking supplies is a necessity though. So here is an affordable option that is a women’s camping gifts, a top item contender.

This OuterEQ Camping Cookware Kit is an even $20 and worth every penny. This kit includes a pot, frying pan, and soup spoon all of which are non-stick. They also have foldable handles that make for compact storage. Now that you have a solid camp cook set, check out all of our camping recipes.

Women's Camping Gifts

15. Kelty Cosmic 0

Even when the temperature teeters on the 0 mark this sleeping bag will keep your lady camper cozy and warm. However, the Kelty Cosmic 0 is heavy and has a large packing size as well as little weather resistance.

It’s a less expensive and more affordable option but won’t be much good for longer treks with less predictable weather. This bag would work fine for car camping but if you venture out more than that we’d recommend a more comfortable, lighter sleeping bag within the same price range.

Your camper needs to have a warm place to sleep even in the winter. If you get her this sleeping bag then she is sure to stay comfortable no matter when she goes camping.

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16. First Aid Kit

There is nothing more essential than a first aid kit. Unfortunately, these can often be on the pricey side of things. I have you covered in this women’s camping gifts guide though. I have found you a kit that still has everything you need but is budget-friendly.

The TrekProof Compact First Aid Kit is a great option for campers on a budget as it is only $18 and it contains 100 different pieces. These include antiseptic wipes, scissors, bandages, disposable gloves, and more. It also comes in a durable nylon case that is hardy enough to withstand your camping journey.

17. Tools To Start A Fire

What says camping is like a warm campfire to roast marshmallows at? Nothing! This is exactly why you never forget to pack everything you need to start a fire. Learn how to become an expert at building campfires. This could be whichever type of fire starter you choose, options include things like flint and steel, Ferro rod, matches (make sure they’re waterproof), or a cigarette lighter.

Now you may be wondering why this is an important item for a camper. Well, we can never be too prepared. Having a few fire-starting items tucked away in your day pack may be the difference between life and death when lost overnight. Not to mention it will simply make starting the evening campfire that much easier.

This is a fantastic way to get your fire going quickly.

Additionally, pack some kindling for the fire as well because you don’t want to leave it to chance and try to find all of it in the woods. Use a waterproof container and pack it with dry tree bark, strips of newspaper, or other types of kindling.

18. A Water Flask

Women's Camping Gifts
Nomader collapsible water bottle

Although hydration is key, you can’t be carrying around your 4-gallon container with you all day. If you want to go hiking, exploring, fishing, etc then you’re going to need some water with you to keep you refreshed. So a water flask that you can fill up before leaving the campsite for the day is invaluable and a total must-have.

I suggest this Nomader collapsible water bottle that costs about $37. It’s completely BPA, PVC, BPS, latex, lead, and phthalates free making it a great non-toxic option. It also has a twisting cap that ensures there won’t be any leaks on the road

19. A Source Of Clean Water

Now that you have gotten your woman a water storage vessel, they need clean water to put into it. Even if their plan is to camp near a source of fresh water, that water could still be contaminated with countless dangerous bacteria in it. So it’s always best to avoid those sources of water unless you have some way to filter and purify it.

Women's Camping Gifts
Products like the LifeStraw can help ensure you have water in the go or in emergency situations.

There are many options available for purifying water on the trail. One of these is the LifeStraw. It quickly purifies the water so that you can have clean drinking water when you need it. So keep the camper in your life hydrated and healthy by giving them this as a gift.

LifeStraw Go Series

20. Tactical Rope

This next women’s camping gifts item I suggest you give your camper to pack is a durable rope. You can use it to act as a makeshift tent rope, a clothesline, and much more.

Paracord has so many uses. It is probably one of the most versatile items that you can have with you when outdoors. It is so light and easy to carry around that it just makes sense to have some with you when it is time to head into the outdoors.

This Gear Aid utility cord should do the trick and it’s budget-friendly as it only costs about $7. For this amount, you’ll get 50 feet worth of this 325 paracord made out of 100% nylon! 

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21. USB or Battery Fan

Battery-powered fans are so useful when out camping in the heat. They can help to move air around while pushing warmer air out of the tent or RV. Having it battery-operated means that you can take it with you while you are out hiking. Think of how much more enjoyable it will be to have all of the sweat blowing off of you as you hike.

A small fan like this can also be used when it is time to start a fire. If you didn’t pack a lighter (shame really) then once you get your embers going in the fire pit you can use the fan to stoke the fire. Your now roaring fire is all thanks to that tiny fan! That is why I have added it to the women’s camping gifts list and why you should buy it for the woman in your life.

22. Navigational Tools

We’re used to having signs, dedicated roads, and people who know the area to help us get around. So in our day-to-day lives, it’s easy to avoid getting lost and even easier to find our way back if we do. But that’s all a bit different in the wilderness because we’re in an environment that we’re just not used to.

So before you go camping, make sure to add a map and compass to your gear. These will help you to stay on track, and make your way back to your campsite if you do get a bit turned around. If you can, bring a charged GPS, as this will be even better! Don’t forget extra batteries or a way to charge on the go for longer hikes! The below GPS options are great women’s camping gifts for you to choose from.

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What things do you bring camping with you that didn’t make our list but should be on our list of women’s camping gifts? We would like to hear about them in the comments, on our Facebook, or on Reddit!

Don’t forget to share on your favorite social media so your friends know what to get you this year on your next hiking adventure!

**All prices shown are at the time of writing and are subject to change.**