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Quick Outdoor Halloween Inspiration

Halloween is less than 10 days away, but it’s not too late to mix up your celebration style. Whether you have kids and are looking for an outdoor way to celebrate, or you just like to bring a festive twist to your favorite activities, it’s easy to incorporate the spooky holiday into your outdoor lifestyle and October plans. Here are three tips for outdoor Halloween inspiration.

Outdoor Halloween activity painting pumpkins

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1.  Dress-up

Your costume isn’t just for trick-or-treating anymore. Businesses and recreation groups from coast-to-coast plan events where customers or members dress up while doing their activity. For example, Adventure Mystic in Mystic, CT. hosts an annual Witch Paddle where participants dress up as witches and paddleboard on the Mystic River.

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If there’s not an event near you, create your own. Just choose a costume that’s easy to recreate in and will keep you at an appropriate temperature for your area. Animal and superhero costumes are two types of costumes that are easy to dress up in while doing outdoor activities. You can layer these with pants, leggings, and coats to keep warm and still look the part. 

outdoor halloween activity costumes

If you’re going camping, add a costume party to your agenda and have campers dress up for an evening. You can make a theme, like mascaraed or classic monster costumes, or let campers use their imaginations and see what they all come up with.

2. Visit a haunted trail or ghost town

Whether you’re visiting a haunted trail, or camping near a ghost town, these destinations are more than just a festive addition to your trip. It can be just as much fun to learn about these destinations as it is to visit them.

Check with your local library or historical society to find a spot near you to visit. They may even have a book of haunted locations you can read beforehand to get excited about the trip or read around the campfire while you camp. If you need any more outdoor Halloween inspiration, check out our list of 10 Most Haunted Trails in the U.S.

3. Modify camping recipes

While you can find a new recipe to try, like our Fire Ring Stuffed Pumpkins, you can also modify your favorite recipes to fit a fall or Halloween theme. Try these simple ideas:

  • Switch out your go-to jar of marinara for a creamy pumpkin marinara
  • Bring a mix of plain and caramel apples.
  • Sip on apple cider instead of coffee or tea.
  • Add pumpkin or squash to stews and soups.
  • Pack a loaf of pumpkin bread for breakfast and snacks.
  • Turn hotdogs into mummies by using a pigs in a blanket method. Cook ahead of time and warm over the fire. Add candy eyes if you want!

Outdoor Halloween Inspiration

These are just three quick ideas for outdoor Halloween inspiration. Halloween is coming rapidly! With it so close you still have time to incorporate the season into your outdoor activities. So bring a festive twist into your outdoor experience! However, if you are feeling a bit more adventurous and the short time till spooky day isn’t too daunting then you can check out our list of 10 Activities for Halloween Camping!

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