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Top 5 Affordable Four-Season Tents

Getting out into the wilderness in the summertime seems like a no-brainer. Especially when you have a sturdy tent that you trust to take out in your gear list. However, there is something to be said about being able to camp in the wintertime. The fire crackling, the snow falling, the wind howling are all things that make roughing it in the winter amazing! Well, maybe not the wind howling. However, with these five affordable four-season tents you won’t have to worry nearly as much about the wind!

Looking to do your own comparisons? Consider this when making your four-season tent selection!

There are many considerations when it comes to tents. While the list below provides the most affordable four-season tents, they may not work in your desired conditions. In those cases, it will be important to use our four-season tent consideration guide and matrix. This will greatly help you in determining the best four-season tent for you!

Quick Recommendations for Affordable Four-Season Tents

The provided list and information below is in no particular order as it strives to provide options for any situation. The list below includes tents for one person up to a family. The main incentive in this list is to provide affordable four-season tent options.

GEERTOP 2 – Person Tent

FE Active Grindavik 4 – Person Tent

Coleman Weathermaster 6 – Person Tent

AYAMAYA 6-8 Person Tent

Naturehike Cloud-Up 2 or 3 Person Tent

1. GEERTOP 2 – Person Tent

Price: $146.00

Type: Tree-line

Height: 45 in

Weight: 6.6 lbs (3kg)

Sleeps: 2

Floor Area: 31 sqft

Walls: Double Walled

Affordable four season tent

What is Great: Waterproof, Quick Setup, Lighter weight, 3000 mm fly thickness, 2 doors, internal gear hammock, lantern hook, can add vestibules.

What to watch out for: Poor storage bag and zipper quality. Tent size will need vestibules to store gear and have two people. Low headroom. Condensation

Our Take: The GeerTop 2 person tent is a budget-friendly 4-season tent that’s lighter weight. The tent walls are double layered and have some mesh vents. While the vents are there you may see issues with condensation in warmer months. There is also limited floor space even for two people. Considering those minor cons the tent is waterproof, offers flexibility with the addition of vestibules, and has ample internal storage. The entry-level price of this four-season tent will get you out into the wilderness quickly!

2. FE Active Grindavik 4 – Person Tent

Price: $99.00

Type: Tree-line

Height: 51.9 in

Weight: 6.82 lbs

Sleeps: 4

Floor Area: 54 sqft

Walls: Double Walled

Affordable four-season tents

What is Great: Waterproof, Quick Setup, Lighter weight, 3000 mm thickness, lantern hook, internal storage, aluminum stakes/poles

What to watch out for: Seam construction quality, 4 people may be a bit on the optimistic side

Our Take: Overall the FE Active Grindavik is a good value for the cost. You will likely find that this is better suited for two people and not four once the gear is inside the tent. The tent is quite protective against wind and is waterproof. There are limited storage options on the inside. However, the addition of aluminum stakes and poles improves the stability and security of this tent. If you are looking for a tent that is somewhat lightweight and sets up easily then this is the one for you.

Looking to camp in the winter? Make sure you know how to layer your clothes.

3. Coleman Weather Master – Person Tent

Price: $232.00

Type: Basecamp

Height: 80 in

Weight: 32 lbs

Sleeps: 6

Floor Area: 99 sqft with additional 54 sqft screened room

Walls: Single Walled

What is Great: Ample Space, Porch Area, Internal Storage Options, hinged door, E-port, wind resistance, headspace

What to watch out for: Set up time, weight, Water intrusion concerns, Incorrect Instructions, Sturdiness

Our Take: If you are looking for an entry-level family-style four-season tent, then the Coleman Weathermaster may be for you. It has ample interior space for the whole family and their gear. The tent also provides quite a bit of headroom for taller people and an innovative hinged door. This makes getting in and out for children easier. However, there are some drawbacks noted. The first is that this is a very heavy tent. It also takes quite a bit of time to set up. If you are doing winter camping right from your car in a developed campground then this tent will work fantastic.

4. AYAMAYA 6/8 – Person Tent

Price: $199.00

Type: Basecamp

Height: 64.9 in

Weight: >20 lbs

Sleeps: 4-6

Floor Area: 100 sqft

Walls: Double Walled

What is Great: Ample Space, 2 vestibules, 2 doors, Internal Storage, Headspace, Lantern Hook, two tents in one

What to watch out for: Set up time, weight, multiple tent design, vestibule floor

Our Take: The AMAYA family tent is another great entry-level four-season tent. It provides ample interior space and headroom. The advantage to this tent is the multiple doors and the vestibules which provide space for gear away from the sleeping area. However, the vestibule floors are not connected to the outer fly which leads to some water concerns. You will like the fact that the inner dome tent can be set up separately in the summertime making breathability quite fantastic. The tent is sturdy in strong winds and precipitation. Taking this tent out on your next or first winter camping trip will be a joy for your family.

5. Naturehike Cloud-Up 2/3 – Person Tent

Price: $175.00

Type: Tree-line

Height: 41.3 in

Weight: 4.18 lbs

Sleeps: 2

Floor Area: 28.4 sqft

Walls: Double Walled

Affordable four-season tents

What is Great: Small vestibule, lightweight, Internal Storage, 4000 mm material, UV Protection Lantern Hook, aluminum tent stakes, easy setup, built-in snow skirt

What to watch out for: Condensation, wind resistance, floor space limited

Our Take: The NatureHike Cloud 2 person tent is a lightweight tent that would be good for backpacking. It will help you stay comfortable in the backcountry as you are looking for a four-season camp. The added protected vestibule is great for gear storage. This is important because the inside is narrow for two people. This may be a better fit for a single person to sleep in. Unless you want to cozy up to your campmate! In any case, the material is the thickest at this price point and the aluminum stakes make setup easy. In fact, setup is within 5 minutes! That could be very beneficial if the weather sets in quickly on you.

Final Affordable Four Season Tent Thoughts

While the five tents provided here will work fantastic in a four-season setting, it is important to match the tent with your own camping goals. The focus here was on affordability however, you may need more or less space. You should also consider the potential conditions the tent will need to perform in. Finally do not forget to consider how far you will need to pack the tent in to actually camp. For backpacking find something lighter and car camping you can add a little extra weight. No matter what kind of camping you are looking to do in the winter these five affordable four-season tents should provide you with a great starting point.

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