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Top 5 Best Fishing Lures

Top 5 Best Fishing Lures
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Aside from whose fishing hole is the best (good luck getting that out of me) the most important question to ask is: What is the best fishing lure to use? When selecting a lure it is important to take into consideration the time of year, day, weather pattern, and type of water body (lake, river, stream, ocean, fresh vs. salt). Knowing this you will probably need some mix of lures in your arsenal. So what kind of fishing lure is the all-around most effective at catching fish? Below are the Top 5 Best Fishing Lures for beginners or experts to have in their tackle box.

There are many different types and situations for each lure and shopping for lures online can be frustrating and time-consuming. Instead of floundering (see what I did there) over which to buy use this Top 5 Best Fishing Lures list to help you become a champion fisher. Whether you are a beginning angler or a seasoned pro dig into this Top 5 to enjoy your next batch of lightly fried fish filets.

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Top 5 Best Fishing Lure Considerations

As noted above there are many things to consider when selecting a lure. One of the things that I got hung up on early on was why are there so many colors! Many argue that fish can see colors and some can not. This point is debatable. However, a shiny lure that has some sparkle on it and has some very good action will always work. You will also need to consider the length of the lure. This is because the length depends on your target species. However, if you are just starting out I would recommend reaching for smaller lures. The fact is that a medium or large size fish will bite a small lure the same as a big one. However, if you go too big then you limit the type of fish you can catch.

In any case, you should also ensure that your lure mimics the shape of the fish’s natural prey. You will see this type of mimicry in Orcutt’s Advantage Lures. You can find more about these lures in our unboxing and testing.

Top 5 Best Fishing Lures

1. Soft Plastic Stickbaits

Top 5 Best Fishing Lures (Orcutt's Advantage)
Orcutt’s Advantage 5″ Watermelon/ Orange Core Shot Stick Worms

Whether you are a beginner or a pro every tackle box should have an assortment of Stick Worms inside. This is especially the case if you are out bass fishing. These are the most versatile baits available and they provide the most flexibility when casting. They mimic the live bait of a worm or nightcrawler while, in some cases, providing specks that catch the light. Since this lure is so versatile it can easily be rigged in any configuration but our favorite is on a Wacky rig as I do a significant amount of dock fishing. However, you will find many fishers using it attached to drop shots and swing heads.

I mentioned color before and its potential importance in landing a fish. The good news with stick baits is that they come in a multitude of colors. The one featured in the picture above is bright while providing a contrasting core to mimic the internals of a worm. This type of color combination is sure to land you a fish.

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2. Bladed Jig

Top 5 Best Fishing Lures (Orcutt's Advantage)
Orcutt’s Advantage Bladed Jig

The second best type of lure is the bladed jig which is also known as a ChatterBait or vibrating jig. When fishing for bass or other sport-type fish this lure can give you some prime advantages due to the unique movement that is provided by the blade. In most instances, you can get different blade jig styles from manufacturers which allow for different movement types through the water. Aside from movement the blade also provides churn or vibration in the water which is very attractive to fish. For instance, you could purchase standard, oversize, or turbo blade lures from producers depending on the type of fish you are looking to land. For beginners, you should stick with the standard blade until you are comfortable landing those bigger fish!

There are some downsides to this type of lure such as the need for the fish to be shallow and active. If they are lurking at the bottom and not in the mood for a good chase you may not have any luck. As a beginner though the rigging of a bladed jig is quite simple, and you can add some bulk to the whole thing through the use of a soft plastic trailer. This slows the lure and ensures proper blade action.

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3. Spinnerbaits

Orcutt’s Advantage Spinnerbait

Many anglers, especially children, start their fishing career using spinner bait-type lures. It is an easy lure to rig up and provides action to the fisher that will entice many fish from trout to bass. The idea with spinnerbaits is twofold. The first is that they use visual flash from the metal blades causing the spin and the second is the low-frequency vibration that occurs. There are a plethora of options available on these types of lures because they are easily modified for the type of fish and water column that is being fished. Specifically when you plan to fish in cold muddy waters or in the dark you may want to consider a double or single Colorado Blade. Whereas in clearer warmer waters you should reach for your bright willow-type blades. Having one of each will allow you to reel in that next bass, pike, or crappie.

Spinnerbaits can be sized up to larger profiles as well to draw in larger fish through the addition of a Curly tail grub. While the spinnerbait is good for being trawled along sunken logs and boulders you could find yourself getting stuck more often. Collecting weeds is another serious issue with these lures The mimicry with the natural food source is fantastic though and worth the risk. If you are concerned about losing your favorite just make sure to have multiples in your tackle box.

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4. Jerkbait

Top 5 Best Fishing Lures (Orcutt's Advantage)
Orcutt’s Advantage 5″ Split Tail Jerkbait

Jerkbait is another fantastic lure to have in your tackle box when out fishing. This lure is long, narrow, and soft just like the stickbait. It has an advantage though by adding movement. There are numerous combinations, colors, and scents available for you again depending on the type of fish you catching. A four or five-inch jerk bait is a value-added item because, in colder months when fish sink lower in the water column, the jerk bait provides finesse to your fishing. Rig this type of lure with a drop shot style rig. This rig will entice even the laziest fish without scaring them away.

The primary drawback of this type of bait is the amount of practice needed to get realistic action added to the lure. Beginning anglers can master this with numerous practice casts in their favorite fishing hole. You may also see limited-season use with this depending on your location. It is always worth a shot to try the jerk bait out when other lures aren’t working to your advantage.

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5. Swimbaits

Orcutt’s Advantage Swimbait

The swimbait is perfect for enticing larger fish while still being accessible to beginner fishers. These lures mimic baitfish swim patterns. In fact, unlike the jerk bait, you will find that these are great for catching fish throughout the year. Water conditions do not seem to hinder the use of swimbait either. Rigging this is easy for first-timers. You will want to send your cast into the edges of the lake where the fish tend to lurk. The paddle tails are most effective at providing a thump drawing the fish out. The versatility is endless. Use your swimbait in deep or shallow water and from a dock or boat.

The downside to using swim bait is that they are more effective when there are schooling fish to mimic in the water. Also, if you are not using the right color of bait you may lose out on the natural predatory nature of the fish. In any case, the swimbait provides the most realistic action, especially when you can land within a Shad school.

Final Thoughts on the Top 5 Best Fishing Lures

So that is the Top 5 best fishing lures for both beginners and advanced fishers. It is important to note that there are many other types of lures that are available. Additionally, each of these has different modifications that can be made to customize them for your own fishing hole. As a beginner, try starting out with something easy like the stick bait and work your way up to practicing your action with the swimbait. The more you get outside and enjoy the breeze of the water the better you will get! Don’t forget to come read our experience with the Orcutt’s Advantage Lures!

What do you think? Which fishing lure did I miss that should have been on the list? Leave us a comment below and let us know. Until then, good luck on your next fishing adventure!

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