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Top Campsite Activities

Top Campsite Activities

Keeping children or even adults content on a camping trip doesn’t have to be difficult. With our top campsite activities, you are sure to find something for everyone to do. No more boredom setting in when the rain starts to pour! In fact, you are only limited by your imagination. Always, there really is something fun to do if you just put your mind to thinking up ways to do it. The following may be helpful suggestions to do just that. Believe it or not, these tips do not require expensive devices, batteries, or equipment. All you need is an open mind and a free-wheeling attitude. Try some of these top campsite activities on your next camping trip.

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Create interesting stories

Telling stories is the age-old device used by our ancestors – and even us – to battle away boredom. What did you think was the purpose of all those cave drawings? Story-telling is an ingenious way to keep kids occupied. If you keep your children engaged in a story it is less likely that you will hear them complaining. Keeping their minds creatively occupied through stories will get their brain cells calculating new adventures. Try to tie your stories to the area you are in to make them extra spooky or to share some location history. Plus, the best thing about this activity is it is free and could be done anytime and anywhere.

How to get started?

Amazing Tales is a fantastic way to curate your storytelling with children. Credit:

Simply start with a single line. This line should set up or at least build up the image of where the story could lead to. For example, you may begin with “Once upon a time,” or with “I saw a green marmalade monster once.” From there, abruptly stop and let others add their own detail to the story.

However, it is best that you also set up specific rules. You may advise that there should be no detail that would scare off “your little brother” just good old clean and entertaining fun. If you need some help setting up your story and rules check out the Amazing Tales Book. I personally take this book with me on every trip and my children and I work on a new adventure each evening as the sun sets around the campfire. It makes for a fantastic way of passing time and getting creative as the sun starts to set.

Go Sightseeing in the Sky

Relax and unwind. This is one way to unreel and be less up tight about anything. Chilling out has never felt this good. Spread some towels on the grass or a blanket that is old and not that regularly used. Lie on your back and observe the variety of clouds that pass by. You may see an elephant, a rabbit or a dog. Or you could count the number of clouds that pass. This is a relaxing activity that is also just as fun. Try it out.

Brown Owl on Tree Branch - 
Top Campsite Activities

While this is likely to keep younger children engaged more than older children there are other things to look for too. For instance, purchase a bird-watching guide like this one from National Geographic. Then spend your time trying to view as many birds as you can right from the campsite. not only can having a birding book give your older kids something to do, but it can give them something to collect! We all know how trying to catch all those Pokemon is popular but now they can catch real-life animals that some of those Pokemon are based on.

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles

When outdoors, do not forget to bring your bubble maker device or toy and let everyone, especially kids, bubble their way to fun. This is an effective way to run around and laugh as bubbles pop and float around. Not to mention that cleanup is easy! I do recommend that you ensure the bubble mix that you have is environmentally friendly as we still want to practice “leave no trace” principles. Speaking of, I have found bubble sticks left covered in dirt at campsites. Please don’t be that person. Keep an eye on where those tiny sticks land and make sure you police your campsite when you leave!

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Board Games, Dice and Roleplay

Person Holding Uno Cards

In case you get rained on, do not fret. If you have brought your trusty old dice and any easy-to-carry board game with you, playing will be just as easy as one to three and it’s fun too. The game Yahtzee is one example. Make it extra special by bringing along the National Park versions of normal games like Yahtzee, Trivia, or even puzzles. I personally have the National Park Yahtzee and Trivia which provide hours of fun on a rainy day.

Card games are also easy and convenient games to bring. It fits into pockets easily and can bring loads of entertainment and games. For instance, we bring along Crazy Eights, Uno, Skip-Bo, and Phase I0. We also have a few normal decks to play some Solitaire as well. Having each of these games at hand makes it very easy to quickly grab and have something fun to do. A normal card deck can even spread some magic! With these, you can practice some magic tricks or put on a show if you know a few ones using cards.

Write Your Way Out of Boredom

Add this beautiful journal to your camping gear now!

Try bringing a journal and write your heart out. This could include a log of the activities that you have done all through the camping trip. They may be fun and educational later on. Taking along a journal can certainly help you record your trip. There are other added benefits though as well. For instance, journaling is an outlet for emotions and a way to reflect later on about how things made you feel. This can add depth to your trip or even provide a way to remember special moments not captured by pictures.


Top Campsite Activities - Photography of Opened Book

When in a new place, it might help if you study the area’s history. This could be a good way to tell kids the background of the area you are in. It may also be a nice story to tell around campfires. Many people only focus on the National Parks. However, the National Park Service and even State Park Services are full of historical sites as well. These provide a place to learn about American History and to connect to our past. So take a look around and see if you can find these wonderful places to glimpse our past.

Sing Some Songs

Top Campsite Activities - Woman in White Tank Top Singing

Really! Do not think of it as cheesy – it may be an effective boredom buster. Songs around the campfire are a good activity to keep everyone entertained. Make up a song. Or play a game by letting others guess the song you are humming. Use nature’s instruments. Twigs may be used as drum sticks. Dance also. It does not cost a thing. It may also be a form of good exercise. Just don’t be overly loud in populated campgrounds. keep radios to a minimum volume! Bringing along a musical instrument can be fun but again don’t be playing Sweet Home Alabama at midnight! However, if you have Alabama on your mind check out these Top Family Campgrounds in Alabama!

Bike Riding

Nothing is better than riding a bike and exploring the campsite or the campground you are staying in. Be it mountain biking or street biking, most of the campsites and campgrounds support these two. Some will even have trails right in the campgrounds which makes this one of the great camping activities for your next camping adventure. This is especially the case at some developed campgrounds. Just make sure that you stay with your children to make sure that they are seen on the road. Stay safe while at the campsite. Biking can be a fun family activity without traveling too far away from the tent.

What’s the Catch?

Well, not the catch you think with these top campsite activities! You may also bring toys such as balls. Frisbees are also a fun thing to play with especially when camping in the wild outdoors. These do not take up much space and are sure boredom busters. I know that I love tossing balls back and forth but make sure that you have the space and keep out of other campsites.

Ladder Toss Game
Instructable for Ladder Ball. Credit: (Olanskyl)

Another fun game with balls is ladder ball. It is also called ladder golf or ladder toss. This game has two ladder-like structures and two golf balls which are called bolas. These two golf balls are attached to the ladder-like structures with a nylon rope. Each player takes three balls and tosses them at the ladder. You can even make your own version of this!

What will You do From the Top Campsite Activities First?

All in all, the limits of activities rest on how much you want your mind to explore. The “sky’s the limit” may also mean, your mind is its own limit. Do not be afraid to try something everyone would enjoy and have fun doing. Be creative. Just remember to always have fun. Giving each of these top campsite activities a chance on your next camping trip will bust boredom for good! From staying active to pulling out the games you will keep yourself and your children happy.

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