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Camping Activities For Your Next Adventure

Campsites and Campgrounds are great places to relax. But it will be even more relaxing when you perform some activities at the campground. Depending on the place you are camping there are numerous activities you can perform. Before performing all these activities you need to check whether these activities are allowed or present at your campground. In this way, you can plan accordingly for your next camping adventure. Check out these camping activities for your next adventure!

Trail Hiking

Almost every campground and campsite is filled with scenic trails. You can climb some rocks or if there is an ocean or sea near the campsite you can just wander or walk along the path. If it has mountains you can turn it into a huge adventure by climbing them. But before doing this you need to check the distance and the difficulty level so that you can have an idea of whether you can climb or not. Know which trails to take with our how-to select a trail quick reference! Without knowing anything it will be a great risk and sometimes it will end up as a nightmare.

Hiking camping activities next adventure
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There are even some haunted trails you could try out!

Bike riding

Nothing is better than riding a bike and exploring the campsite or the campground you are staying in. Be it mountain biking or street biking, most of the campsites and campgrounds support these two. Some will even have trails right in the campgrounds which makes this one of the great camping activities for your next camping adventure.

biking camping activities next adventure
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Horseback riding

Horseback riding is one of the best experiences you can get at a campsite or a campground. Combining this horseback riding with the breeze of the ocean will make you feel like you are in heaven. Make sure your campground offers this service. If yes, then grab that campground with two hands as all campgrounds do not offer this. 

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Bird watching

Due to the increase in technology, lack of time, and forests turning into concrete jungles many people do not get the chance to watch birds. However, once you visit a campsite or a campground you will notice some birds. You will wake up in the early morning with the sweet sounds made by these cute birds. Sadly the thing is you only hear them. So this will be a great time to watch for these birds. Also, don’t forget to get binoculars and a bird identification book, so that you can watch them and identify what bird it is. Surely it will be great fun to watch these birds. So add birding to your camping activities on your next adventure! 

bird watching camping activities next adventure
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Plant identification

Another best thing you can do at a campsite is to identify plants. At first, you might not notice that the plants in the campgrounds or campsites are different from local plants. So instead of playing any game, just head to a forest and search for plants. This activity will not only give you fun but also provide you with some information. So try this when you visit a campground next time. 

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When you are traveling with a group of friends playing a game of volleyball will be one of the best camping activities for your next adventure. You will have more fun in the sun. While playing this game some people might want to join your game. Feel free to accept them. If you don’t have enough members to play this game feel free to invite your neighbors for a game. This will also help you to make new friends. Don’t forget to get a net. Some beachside campgrounds may even have a volleyball court ready to go for you!

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If your campground or campsite is located near a water body then boating is one of the activities you need to try. Most campgrounds and campsites offer kayaks, canoes, standup paddleboards, and paddleboats for rent. Utilize them. If they don’t have these amenities, that is okay. Instead, you can look to rent before you go from a local sporting goods store. If it is something you like you can always purchase the gear!

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If you do decide to purchase a boating option you will need to know how to store it in winter.


Spelunking is nothing but exploring the caves. This activity is loved by almost everyone regardless of their age. Also, it will give you an adventure feeling. But before entering any cave ask the ranger if it is safe to do so. Better yet, find a National Park Service site like Great Basin, Jewel Cave, or Mamouth Cave to explore with a park ranger!

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Out of all these activities fishing seems relaxing. You just need to wait patiently to catch a fish. You can also challenge your friends to see who will catch the fish first. After fishing is done, take all of these fishes to your campsite and cook them in the campfire and have a delicious dinner.

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These are some of the activities you can perform at a campsite or a campground. Try any one of these activities when you go camping the next time. 

Want to see how fun fishing can be?

Some outdoor games that keep you busy

The outdoor camping games are excellent because they will make everyone in the group active. Even some of your neighbors may join so that you can have social interaction. 

Outdoor checkers

Checkers is a fun game that helps children to develop thinking out of the box skills. If you can turn this game into a big outdoor game then it is even more exciting. So follow these steps to create a portable outdoor checkers game. 

Things you need:

  • A safe tablecloth that can be used outdoors.
  • Minimum 24 bucket lids that are of the same size.
  • Different spray paints.


First, take the tablecloth and spray paint in the form of a traditional checker’s pattern. Now you need to paint the bucket lids with two different paints. If you took 24 bucket lids, paint 12 of them with one color and 12 of them with another color. That’s all, you are done. You can use traditional black and white paints or red and white paints. If you have some creativity you can even use your own custom colors.

Ladder ball

It is also called ladder golf or ladder toss. This game has two ladder-like structures and two golf balls which are called bolas. These two golf balls are attached to the ladder-like structures with a nylon rope. Each player takes three balls and tosses them at the ladder. 

Each rung of the ladder is assigned with different points like the top rung with three points, the middle one with two points, and the last one with one point. The player who scores the highest 21 points will be the winner. But the point to be noted is that it need not be exceeded by more than 21 points. 

Tug of war

Tug of war is one of the fun games played by kids when camping. This game requires only a few things like a long rope, a flag, and a play area. That’s all. First, divide the play area into two sections. Draw a marking line. Now tie a rope in the center of the rope. Divide the group into two equal groups. Make sure each team should have the same number of players with the same weight. The first team to get the flag to their side wins.

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These are some of the camping activities and games that you can play while camping.