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7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Camping!

No matter what your level of camping is, good advice is universal. These 7 reasons to love camping are not just good, but great advice! No matter why you are escaping to the wilderness remember that every time is a new adventure. Even the worst of trips become the ones you will make the strongest bonds with your family. They will leave you with the best stories for the next time. So never let the little things like weather, animals nearby, or noisy neighbors ruin what could be a wonderful trip. Just take each trip as its own adventure and try and make some positive memories.

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Camping truths

All of the camping I have done led me to conclude that there are certain universal “camping truths.” Think of these as you plan your trip or when your camping trip is starting to go downhill. They will help you to remember that at the heart of it, you are connecting with nature, yourself, family, and friends on a level that can only be obtained when you turn yourself off. First and foremost leave your electronics at home. If you need something to occupy time when you are dealing with weather bring a book! Feel free to comment below and tell us what other things drive you to go camping or at the very least just be outdoors with nature!

7 Reasons to Love Camping

1. The trees around will provide you with cleaner air than you could ever have in suburbia.

2. It is a bon-a-fide fact that food cooked over an open fire tastes better. Grab your fire starter. We spend so much money to grill out at home even in the cold weather months. Cook outdoors and become a whole new kind of chef.

7 reasons to love camping

3. True silence can be obtained in the woods. The only noises that can be heard are the gentle whispers of the breeze.

4. All humans have a sense of adventure and camping brings it out again. Strap on your hiking boots and go for a walk among the trees. Hike for miles and see new sights at every turn. Stay on marked trails, but can see and explore places you can’t see staring at your phone.

5. Along those lines, taking a new trail to the top of a mountain will have a greater reward than any work bonus. The views will be splendid, and adding your name to a list of the few who have conquered the mountain is priceless.

7 Reasons to love camping

6. As I stated, not all trips will be perfect. So, cinch tight that rain gear, and remember when you come out the other side, you will have overcome some challenges. This will help you build your skills to handle stress and challenges in your daily life.

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7. Stop. Look Up. No, really, take a second and look up, especially after the sun goes down. Maybe even use a telescope. Then you will see more lights in the sky than you could ever imagine. The vastness of space and the stars will remind you of the fact that all your troubles are truly small. You can overcome them and be a stronger person.

7 reasons to love camping

Final Thoughts on 7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Camping

Everything that you do while camping will help to build your relationships and character. Take each and every opportunity to become your true self. Experience the new trails. Try new gear. Go outside your boundaries and enjoy the fresh air. Start a fire. Humans are meant to be outdoors and live with nature and all its amenities. So, head out into the woods and find yourself, but remember these 7 things to love camping and to come back and find out about some new equipment for your next adventure!