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Must-Have Camping Gear Under $50 – Top 10

must-have camping gear under $50

Going out in the wilderness to camp and enjoy the great outdoors is good fun. However, going out into the wilderness without supplies is a bit less exciting. Because there are many situations, big and small, in which we might need certain items while camping. So it’s important to pack the right things for each situation. Now you can do this without breaking the bank! The must-have camping gear under $50 that you need is available right now!

This article is going to help you with that. It will tell you about ten must-have camping gear under $50 items that you should pack before you head off camping. Specifically we’re going to keep this article budget friendly! So let’s get into it…

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#1 – A Cooler

Must-Have Camping Gear Under $50
Arctic Zone cooler

Chances are that you’re going to need some food while you’re out camping. If you plan to fish or hunt and collect your own food, then you’ll probably still want some cool drinks at some point. So while you probably shouldn’t bring your own fridge along, it is useful to have a cooler with you.

This Arctic Zone cooler is perfect for storing a little food and drink while you’re out fishing or foraging. It is small and will hold ice for up to two days. It will keep it all cool through its technology which reflects heat instead of absorbing it. And the 16-can size that we’re suggesting is only $43 so it’s affordable too. If you have a little extra money to spend there are additional sizes.

However, if you want to stay under $50 and have a cooler big enough for the whole weekend then give the Igloo Island Breeze cooler a shot. While it is big enough to hold your food be prepared to add ice throughout your trip. Either way it fits perfectly into the trunk of a car.

#2 – A Cooking Set

Overmont 14pc cooking set

There’s no question that a portable cooking set is a must-have when camping. Whether you’ve brought or caught your own food, you always need a way to prepare it. Simply because nothing beats having a home cooked meal over an open fire. And the last thing you want to do is cook on rocks. With a cooking set as a must-have camping gear under $50 item you no longer have to stick with freeze dried meals.

There are some more inexpensive sets out there. However, they typically don’t have as many add ons included. So, if you can spend $37 then this Overmont 14pc cooking set is perfect for you. Included in the set is a pot, frying pan, kettle, cooking spoon, spatula, 3 plastic bowls, and a cutlery set as well as a cleaning towel. Everything you need to cook and eat your meals!

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#3 – A Collapsible Sink

This is the last cooking and food related product for now, but a collapsible sink is completely indispensable. Trust me you won’t regret bringing it. If you’re going to cook then you need a place to wash off your dishes. The last thing you want is food residue attracting animals to your campsite!

We suggest this Tiawudi 2 pack which comes in at only $21 and contains not one, but two collapsible sinks. This is great because you can wash your dishes in one and store them in the other. They can each hold about 2 gallons (8 liters), and are very durable. It is like having a true kitchen sink right at the campsite.

#4 – A Good Fan

Must-Have Camping Gear Under $50
COMLIFE rechargeable camping fan

This one is especially important if you’re camping during the summer. Depending on where you live you could even get stuffy during the colder months as well. So it’s good practice to bring a battery-operated fan with you. This must have camping gear item under $50 will provide some cooling in the great outdoors. It will certainly help if you’re tent camping where it can help you from becoming too stuffy.

Our suggestion is this COMLIFE rechargeable camping fan which costs only $40 and comes with great features such as 3 different speeds, 7-28 hours of use after charging, the ability to run on the lowest setting even while charging, and even some LED lights with 3 different brightness levels. It doesn’t stop there! With those adjustable legs you can fit this fan anywhere!

#5 – A Shower Bag

Advanced Elements Summer Shower

Nobody wants to feel dirty, but it can be hard to get clean when you’re outdoors. The key word being hard not impossible! As long as you have a shower bag then you can still have that much needed shower even when you’re out camping.

We suggest this Advanced Elements Summer Shower because it’s cost-effective at $35 and it also holds up to 5 gallons (18 liters) of water. Additionally, this portable shower also heats up your water after some time in the sun so you don’t have to take an ice cold shower, unless you want to of course.

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#6 – Towels

Going along the same vein of hygiene, you’re also going to need some towels. They can be used when you shower, after you take a swim if you’re camping near water, or even to dry off after it rains. But you don’t want to bring your towels from home as they’re not as efficient as ones made for outdoor use.

This PackTowl only costs about $27 and it’s our suggestion for your new camping towel. It’s made out of quick-drying microfiber that will dry about 70% faster than a regular towel and can soak up four times its own weight in water. It’s also easy and fast to wring out. If you are looking for an all around towel that is lightweight and dries quickly then check out this Tesalate Towel we tested.

#7 – A Shovel

Must-Have Camping Gear Under $50
Rhino USA

Lots of people don’t think to bring tools such as a shovel along with them. However, this must-have camping gear under $50 item could be helpful in a variety of ways. For instance, if you need to even out some ground for your campsite or collect dirt to douse a campfire out with.

This Rhino USA shovel costs $27 but is worth so much more! It’s a multi-purpose tool that features a sawtooth edge for cutting, it can be rotated 90 degrees to be used as a hoe, and it’s collapsible which makes it easy for storage. Additionally, it also comes with a small pickaxe.

#8 – A Hammock

Wise Owl Outfitters

Sure you can sleep in your tent or RV and sleeping bags are comfortable, but when you’re camping the primary goal is to be outdoors! You might even want to take a nap or even just relax outdoors. A hammock can provide you with some comfort while you do so, and keep you off the ground.

The Wise Owl Outfitters camping hammock is a great option that comes in at around $40 and is extremely durable, it can safely take up to 400 pounds of weight. And as an added bonus, It’s made out of nylon and is machine-washable.

#9 – A Water Container

Although you can store drinks that need to be kept cold in a cooler as we mentioned earlier, it’s still great if you can have some extra water on hand since dehydration is something you need to be mindful of during outdoor activities. So having a dedicated water container is a good idea.

This CAMPMAX water container can store up to 4 gallons (15 liters) of water which should be more than enough for your trip, and it’s only $36. It’s also non toxic, odorless, BPA free, and PVC free.

#10 – A Water Flask

Must-Have Camping Gear Under $50
Nomader collapsible water bottle

Although hydration is key, you can’t be carrying around your 4 gallon container with you all day. If you want to go hiking, exploring, fishing, etc then you’re going to need some water with you to keep you refreshed. So a water flask that you can fill up before leaving the campsite for the day is invaluable and a total must have.

We suggest this Nomader collapsible water bottle that costs about $37. It’s completely BPA, PVC, BPS, latex, lead, and phthalates free making it a great non-toxic option. It also has a twisting cap that ensures there won’t be any leaks on the road!

Must-Have Camping Gear Under $50

These are the must-have camping gear under $50. If you pack your stuff up with at least one of each of these you are sure to have a more enjoyable and comfortable camping trip. Without taking up too much space or adding too much weight you will be set to handle many situations. From emergency response to repairs, each item can help you in one way or another. Additionally, since this camping gear is under $50 you will not be breaking the bank.

What things do you bring with you that didn’t make our list but are must-have camping gear under $50? We would like to hear about them in the comments, on our Facebook, or on Reddit!

**All prices shown are at time of writing and are subject to change.**