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8 Best Campfire Foil Dinners

best campfire foil dinners

Camping is all about learning how to get back to our roots. There is no better way to do this than cooking over an open campfire. While our ancestors cooked right on the flame this often led to charred food. We now know that charring can cause health issues if too much of it is consumed. However, we also have the added benefit of aluminum foil. This product has made cooking over a campfire even easier. Not to mention that cleanup is a breeze! What should you cook in your foil? Well, look no further in your camping meal planning than these best campfire foil dinners!

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1. Foil Chicken

best campfire foil dinners
Customize the inside with whatever you would like!

What is easier and healthier than some chicken and veggies cooked over a fire? Well, nothing really! Enjoy and customize this with your own seasonings to make it something the whole family will love. The customization options make this one of the best campfire foil dinners.

Foil Chicken
This is a fantastically easy campfire meal. As with any foil meal this can be prepared at home and kept in the cooler. The prep is super easy as well with only the need to chop everything, season, and seal! So why not do a little meal prep before heading out to the campsite and enjoy a full meal when you get there.
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foil chicken

2. Shrimp Boil Foil Packet

Credit: Chungah at Damn Delicious

Are you craving a little creole flavor? Well, you don’t have to forgo that flavor profile just because you are camping! In fact adding in a little shrimp, corn, and sausage into this foil packet meal is sure to awaken the cajun in all of us! The mixture of all of these delightful flavors provided by Fresh Off the Grid is a wholesome treat that will keep you moving on the trail!

3. Foil Lime Shrimp

Love shrimp but want to avoid the sausage from the shrimp boil recipe? Give this Foil Lime Shrimp a shot! You certainly will not be disappointed by the live flavors that will take you to the Caribbean. The shrimp comes out perfectly cooked and really classes up your campfire meal. If you aren’t a fan or are allergic to shrimp this recipe also works with a nice white fish. All in all a delicious meal I find is the best campfire foil meal option on your next camping trip.

Foil Lime Shrimp
Are you looking for a go to summer camping recipe? Look no further because this Foil Lime Shrimp is going to make your campfire your favorite place to gather and share food with friends. Such a quick and easy recipe for the campsite!
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Foil Lime Shrimp

4. Garlic Steak Foil Bites

a garlic steak and potato foil pack with a fork.
Credit: Creme de la Crumb

A meal that we have a lot of in our house is garlic steak bites. We generally make them in a pan and they are coated with a delicious mix of garlic and cajun seasonings. There is not enough garlic in the world though to satisfy my crew! However, when camping we also want to try and enjoy the meals we love the most. This recipe from Creme de la Crumb is one of the best imitations of the recipes that we have found to take camping with us. That is why I have added it as one of the best campfire foil dinners. It has steak, potatoes, and garlicky goodness!

5. Foiled Fish

Can I say that I love fishing? Well, I do. That is all that I am going to say about fishing here. At least you will never get my fishing spot. However, I would be happy to share how I prepare and eat my fish for a filling and delicious meal at the end of the day. In fact, I love making this foil fish recipe for all of my friends and family after a day on the lake.

Foil fish
After a successful day of fishing there is no easier way to treat your fish then to quickly steam it over a set of hot coals. For the moistest and most delicious catch of the day try this on your next camping trip!
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Foiled Fish

6. German Sausage and Potatoes

Credit: Wendy’s Home EConomics

Okay, we have had lots of seafood, some Tex-Mex, and some standard chicken. Why don’t we come in off the fishing lake and hop the pond over to Germany? When I head out camping my children always want hot dogs. While there are plenty of different kinds to roast over the fire it can get pretty redundant. However, pulling in some german sausages and potatoes into a foil packet gives them what they desire while charming my palette. I like to couple this with some delicious sauerkraut and brown mustard. A slight modification from the original recipe below from Wendy’s Home EConomics. I add my sausage into the foil pack while it is grilling. Feel free to grill those separately though!

7. Hamburger Foil Pack

This is the most common version of the Foil Pack Meal. It is easy to grab some pre-made hamburgers and toss them in with some veggies. If you have ever been out camping with any Scouting organization you have likely enjoyed one of these meals. It is quick easy and with premade patties, kids can easily put together the flavors that they want. In fact, it is so easy that they can quickly put their attention to something else while they cook. As a parent it is nice to get them involved in the cooking, but nice that it doesn’t take a lot of effort or contact questions!

Burgers In Foil
A quick hamburger meal right from the fire. Yes, please. While cooking over a grill is easy you may not have a grill and these foil hamburgers will be just as amazing. So get these burgers in your belly!
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8. Nachos from the Foil

How about a little Tex-Mex flair in your camping meals? Well, nachos are delicious really at any time. Let’s be honest here. There is not a single person in the world who doesn’t love nachos. Now we can enjoy them right from the campfire. All that melty goodness, mixed with spicy meats, sour cream, and pico-de-gallo. It is a fiesta in your mouth provided by The Cookie Rookie!

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