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Glamping’s Best Activities

Glamping's best activities

Glamping is a “form” of camping where you are not staying in just a tent. While there is a fire normally it is not around a fire pit. Instead, it is glamorous camping with amenities just like home. There is so much more to your accommodations and facilities than just bringing a cooler and some toilet paper. With glamping, you have the luxuries of your own home plus more and still enjoy the great outdoors. So with all the creature comforts of home what are some of glamping’s best activities? Glamping is a wonderful way to travel and not break your budget.

Wineries and Spas offer the great outdoors to travelers who enjoy glamping. At a winery, you will be able to see the vineyards, enjoy tasty wines, and rest easy in your luxurious tented accommodations. Maybe a spa is more your style. At a spa, you may sit in the hot springs, have an outdoor massage, or sleep under the stars. Before we dive into glamping’s best activities let’s take a look at why you should go glamping.

Why Glamping?

You love nature, you love the great outdoors, and you want to camp, but you don’t exactly love the idea of dirt. I can’t say that I am with you 100% here as the natural world is so exciting. However, sometimes you want to be surrounded by nature and be pampered at the same time. I get it! That is why glamping is the right camping trip for you. No need for you to sleep on the hard ground. Worse you don’t have to put your tent construction skills to the test. So, let’s get you comfortable and decide what you need on your glamping trip before we touch on glamping’s best activities.

Top Glamping Items to Pack

  • The Tent: If you don’t have a standard tent (those work fine), you can purchase a canvas tent along. Don’t forget canvas waterproofing solutions. The canvas tents are larger than the average standard tent and some resemble a teepee. The best part about most glamping locations, that I will discuss, is they provide and erect your tent for you!

Check out this Canvas Glamping Tent

  • The Sleep: You may ask yourself, “How will I get a good night’s sleep outside on your glamping trip?”. Well, if glamping alone, bring a comfortable air mattress. Air mattresses come in many different sizes. So depending on if it is a two-person tent or a four-person tepee there is an air mattress that will fit your size. Luckily in some of the locations I will discuss, most of the pre-erected tents or yurts will have beds in them just like a hotel room! Creature comforts abound!

Check out these lightweight air mattress options.

Enjoy a fire while glamping with this portable fire pit. Always check for host approval before lighting an open fire.
  • A Fire Pit: The portable fire pit is essential on your glamping trip. You can choose from a small electric fire pit to propane models. Imagine, sitting around your fire pit and enjoying local wine from the winery you visited and warmth from your fire pit in the great outdoors. Sounds exciting!
  • Chairs: Don’t forget your chairs! You won’t be able to glamp and sit around your fire pit, sipping wine without comfortable, portable camping chairs. This rocking camp chair is sure to help you relax.
  • Lights – and more lights: Though torches seem like a great idea, they can pose a fire hazard in some areas. You can bring lanterns on your glamping trip that bring out an ambiance around your campfire.
  • Morning Coffee: We all see beautiful images of people enjoying their coffee in the great outdoors. You should wake up on the right side of the caffeine, so remember your portable coffee maker.
  • Power: Glamping is going to need electronics and power. Some of your glamping locations may provide this for you, but double-check before you start your glamping trip. Check to see if they have a hook-up, if not you may need to bring a generator. Bring a Bluetooth speaker for music!
glamping's best activities at a winery
Glamping in a canvas tent at a winery.

Glamping’s Best Activities at a Winery

Let’s bring the glamorous glamping and tasty wine together for the ultimate glamping experience. Many wineries offer glamping experiences, either on-site or close to your winery of choice. Instead of the expense of the luxurious hotel located far away from your winery, why not stay local and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time? We all know that on the West Coast the states of California and Oregon have some tasty wines and wonderful scenery.

California has Glamping’s Best Activities

In California, along the Pacific Coast, you can enjoy luxury tents, yurts, cabins, tiny houses, and airstream trailers. These are all located on or around the vineyards. Napa County can attract millions, so staying outside of the hotel and glamping locally may serve you best, without the crowds. You can enjoy the great taste of the wine and still visit local hiking trails, swimming, and kayaking.

Credit Cave B Estate Winery

Ever heard of Cave B Estate Winery? If not it’s a must-visit winery and glamping experience. The winery opened in the early 80s. You can enjoy delicious wines and tasty food while being in the great outdoors and never leaving the vineyard. Some wineries in California even have Yurts located on the property to provide the glamping experience.

Oregon has Glamping’s Best Activities

Oregon wine country has some glamping sites in the Willamette Valley. Airstream trailers that have been updated to provide you with the glamping experience while enjoying local wineries may be for you. You can also find yurts and teepees that are made of canvas, included in the teepees which have stone floors, rugs, comfy beds, blankets, and some elegant but simple furnishings for your glamping and winery trip.

Glamping and wineries do go together on the west coast of the United States, but there are many other glamping winery trips you can do inside the United States and around the world.

Glamping’s Best Activities at a Spa

Glamping's best activities at a spa
Glamping’s best activities at a spa. Relax and decompress

Is it possible to go glamping and get a spa treatment, while still enjoying the great outdoors? Absolutely. There are so many options to go glamping and receive a spa-like experience.

Even if you love hotel life mixed with your outdoor experience, you don’t have to forego it with a spa glamping getaway. What are some of glamping’s best activities at glamping resort spas? Depending on the cost and what you want to spend, you can glamp and relax!

In Istria, Croatia you can stay close to or on the beach and be welcomed by saunas, massages, rainstorms & baths, beach bars, healthy food and drink, and yoga.

Montana offers many glamping and spa resorts where you can enjoy the privacy of your tent, teepee, or yurts with hiking, saunas, massages, and natural watering holes.

Credit Sagecliffe Resort and Spa

Washington has the wonderful Sagecliffe Resort and Spa which will welcome you to a calming glamping experience. Don’t forget to give the desert yurts a try!

On the east coast of the United States, you can visit New York State and enjoy platform tents with hardwood floors, served breakfast on your private balcony, and spas a few steps away from you.

Relax, and enjoy your glamping spa trip anywhere in the world.

A little research can get you close to home or afar, but all while relaxing in accommodations that are perfect for you. So schedule your relaxing spa treatments and then enjoy your evening under the stars.

Get out there, plan your next Glamping trip

Camping isn’t just for those who enjoy roughing it, it can be an experience for everyone who loves the outdoors. Glamping brings you the outdoors with more options than camping. To start glamping you only have to look at glamping’s best activities. Heading to spas and wineries are the start to an amazing glamping trip. Whether in a winery or at a spa, there is a glamping vacation perfect for you. Now that you know how to go glamping and a few options that are offered, get out there and find the great outdoors with your wineries, spas, and yurts!

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