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5 Crazy ideas to take your S’mores to the next level

S’mores are an indispensable summertime food pasttime to share with friends and family. However, your creativeness doesn’t need to be stifled by using the same three ingredients of marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker! I have been an outdoor enthusiast since childhood being exposed to S’mores by the scouts, school trips, friends, and family; therefore, I consider myself to be an expert s’more maker since I was able to mash that melted goodness together. While our five craziest s’more recipes are to come here’s a breakdown for the traditional s’more:

Step 1: Hunt down a stick that is much too short for your roasting pleasure. This is so you can discover how hot your fire really is! I mean come on you built that grand fire, now it’s time to really bask in its glory. Use your pocket knife to whittle away a nice point on the end of the stick and clean the bark off to the length desired for the number of marshmallows you will have on it.

Step 2: Collect the soon to be tortured marshmallows and thrust as many as your heart desires onto the end of the stick. Thrust that stick into the fire and say a prayer that you don’t lose any to the fire, instead watch as that sugary goodness starts to brown.

Step 3: Try to be patient and watch for that steeply-priced golden-brown crust. Let’s be honest we all play with a lit marshmallow and your distraction will lead to burning them to a crisp. This is fine, just eat that charred goodness because it is still delicious.

Step 4: Give a solid belly laugh at the fate of your marshmallow corpse, and then scrape the marshmallow from the stick onto a graham cracker while trying to put twelve portions of chocolate on it. Don’t fret the graham cracker has already disintegrated at this point and your fingers are a sticky mess. Just find a nice pile of leaves to wipe the marshmally off on or better yet you can leave your hand outside of the tent for a willing woodland creature to lick clean.

Step 5: Give the first s’more you make to a friend, because let’s face it, this one is going to be terrible and broken. Repeat these steps but next time take the maximum care to create a arrange your s’more so that even Alton Brown is proud!

1. Peanut Butter Cup S’mores

For the not so adventurous from the traditional s’more: Graham Cracker + Peanut Butter Cup + Marshmallow

Let’s start with the not to crazy change here by adding a peanut butter cup. For some greater chocolate, peanut-buttery pride, use a peanut butter cup instead of your traditional chocolate peice. This will give you a creamy peanut butter hint as it melts into the marshmallow.

Seasoned tip: For even extra gooey goodness, start to pre-melt your peanut butter cup near the fire. Keep your eye out for thieves as fingers are already going to be stickier than the Sticky Bandits!

2. Caramel Coconut S’mores

For the kind of adventurous from the traditional s’more: Graham Cracker (or Samoa) + Caramel Sauce + Chocolate (or not) + Marshmallow + Toasted Coconut

This is a true Caramel Delight when you bite into it! If you cannot find those much need Girl Scout cookies in the summer time then this one is for you. It is also good for those who (GASP!) don’t like much or any chocolate. You build your s’more as above, however, remove or reduce the chocolate. Then before you place the top graham cracker, drizzle caramel to your heart’s desire on top of the toasted marshmallow and follow that up with a healthy coating of dried toasted cocnut. Dare we say, this s’mores combination may actually be higher than the cookie?

Seasoned Tip: If you have somehow managed to maintain a box of Girl Scout Samoa cookies till your camping trip, (I find placing these in a larger box of food in the freezer that the kids hate tends to ensure they never get found), use the cookies instead of graham crackers to really get that Caramel Coconut experience.

3. Candied Bacon S’mores

For the I need savory with my sweet crowd who are good with some change: Graham cracker + darkish chocolate + marshmallow + candied candied bacon

To start these Candied Bacon S’mores are tongue meld of salty-sweet perfection, but they do take some pre-planning. Don’t let the thought of candied bacon take away from the deliciousness here. It is totally worth the effort to make that sweet bacony goodness. Before the big camping event or backyard get together to coat your favorite thick-sliced bacon with brown sugar and bake it in the oven till it gets to your desired doneness. I like mine crispy but a good piece of meaty bacon is always good too. Let these cool and then chop into graham cracker-sized pieces. Assemble like you would a traditional s’more with your dark chocolate and marshmallow.

Seasoned Tip: Leaving the chocolate off and replacing it with peanut butter and bananas will give you something close to Elvis’ favorite sandwich and as a s’more, no one will be crying like a hound dog!

4. Red, White, and Blueberry S’more

Now we are getting out there but this is a crowd pleaser if you are adventerous enough to try: Graham cracker + white chocolate + marshmellow + sliced strawberries and blueberries

S’more’s are a wonderful summer treat, but how do you make an evening of watching fireworks on the Fourth of July even better? Add strawberries and blueberries to your s’more of course. This one takes some prep also. You will need to carefully and evenly slice up the strawberries and cutting or mashing the blueberries will help also. When it is time to make the s’more arrange a few slices of strawberry and your blueberry mash on top of a piece of white chocolate. Mash that delicious marshmallow down with the top graham cracker and enjoy!

Seasoned Tip: Instead of using fresh berries you can make this easier on a camping trip by bringing along a jar of strawberry preserves and a second jar of blueberry preserves. Easier yet bring along strawberry and blueberry pie filling to make it even easier!

5. Lemon Meringue S’more

Another expiditionary type of s’more that is sure to please but this one is a 180 from the sweet treat of the traditional s’more so be ready for some challenge to those taste buds: Graham Cracker + Lemon Curd + Marshmallow

Lemons are a huge hit in desserts around these parts and make for a wonderful summertime treat! Why not blend the wonderful flavors of a bright crisp summer afternoon with the enjoyment of a campfire s’more? Not sure why this didn’t happen sooner! For this, you can make your own lemon curd or pre-purchase some at the store. Assemble like a normal smore but smear that tart lemon curd right on your graham cracker followed by the charred remains of your marshmallow. Make sure to devour the sweet, tart, and sticky treat properly.

Seasoned Tip: Add a piece of white chocolate to the mix if you need a little extra sweetness. Let’s be honest though lemon meringue without the hassle of making meringue doesn’t need much else!!

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