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Top Waterproof Hiking Pants for Your Next Adventure

Top Waterproof Hiking Pants for Your Next Adventure

Navigating through the great outdoors, whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a weekend warrior, requires not just physical prowess, but also the right gear. Among the must-haves for such adventure pursuits is a pair of reliable, waterproof hiking pants. But, how do you determine which pair is right for you and your needs? Competent, waterproof hiking pants should cover a range of features, from breathability to durability, comfort, and an excellent fit. Furthermore, different brands offer their unique take on these essentials, each with varying price points and design elements that cater to an array of hiking fanatics.

However, longevity of these hiking pants is just as crucial, thus understanding appropriate care and maintenance practices is paramount. To bring you more into this world, we have rounded up first-hand accounts of hikers who’ve braved different terrains with their waterproof hiking pants on, giving you a real-life view into the performance of these products.

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Top Brands for Waterproof Hiking Pants

Unleashing Adventure: The Best Brands to Seek Out for Waterproof Hiking Pants

An adventurous wanderer sets their own path, never assumed to be tethered by the confines of what’s ‘normal’. And for many of you digital nomads out there, a trusty pair of waterproof hiking pants might just be the borderland between true specimen of a wanderer or a walking disaster. But let’s skip past the sales jargon and head straight towards the real deal – the top brands you need to consider when shopping for waterproof hiking pants.


Esteemed for its dedication to responsible production, Patagonia designs hiking apparel that stands up to nature’s challenges while remaining kind to Mother Earth. Their waterproof pants offer a blend of comfort and durability, easy to pack, and always in style. Patagonia – it’s more than just gear, it’s a lifestyle.


This market-leading brand has been around for around 80 years, bestowing it with a pedigree of expertise in outdoor gear. Columbia’s waterproof hiking pants will astound you, yearning to accompany on your many escapades with impressive Omni-Tech waterproof technology and advanced evaporation systems.

North Face

These pants are much more than aesthetically appealing outdoor wear. Built with HyVent technology for waterproof, breathable protection, North Face hiking pants are set to make any voyage more comfortable, more dry, and ideally more enjoyable.

Image of a person hiking in waterproof pants Waterproof Hiking Pants

Outdoor Research Gear

Venturing on, Outdoor Research gear is about making every walk in nature a wondrous experience, regardless of unexpected rainfall or splatter from a wild river rafting. Their hiking skills have earned them spots in prestigious gear outlet rankings. Flooded with environmentally conscious waterproof technology, these pants are bound to make every hike or spur of the moment trek a joy ride.


Lastly, the well-loved brand, Marmot, screams ‘quality on legs’. With hallmark PreCip Eco Pant waterproof technology, let’s just say that even Poseidon’s fury doesn’t stand a chance. Convenient packability, protection, and maximum comfort – Marmot gives you the armor to face the wilderness head-on.

A walk in the rain, an uphill trek through dewy grass, or a canoe ride – the options are endless when adorned with these top-quality waterproof pants. Remember, every adventure whispers the temptation of the unknown, and the right hiking pants whisper the promise of unbridled exploration, turning you from a nomad to an untamed wanderer. So go ahead and seize those muddy trails, because the world is waiting, and so is your next great adventure!

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Top of the Market

Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Convertible Pant: A Top Choice for Durability and Comfort

A top choice among many outdoor enthusiasts for waterproof hiking pants is the Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Convertible Pant. These hiking pants stand as a testament to excellent outdoor attire, crafted from a unique blend of robust nylon and comfortable elastane. A standout feature of the pants is their advanced wicking fabric. This keeps hikers dry by pulling moisture away from the body. They also come with built-in sun protection, in the form of UPF 50 fabric, shielding hikers from harmful UV rays. Another impressive aspect is, that if the hike heats up or the weather varies, the pants can easily be converted into shorts! This further attests to their versatility and practicality.

Outdoor Research Foray Rain Pant

The Outdoor Research Foray Rain Pant is another waterproof hiking pant for serious hikers. These come with a high rating for those who often encounter unpredictable weather. These pants are made with Gore-Tex fabric. Therefore it is not only waterproof but also breathable, ensuring comfort in various weather conditions. The fully taped seams further boost the waterproof protection on offer. In addition to its superb waterproof features, the pants are very lightweight and easy to pack, which is especially convenient for long trips.

Patagonia Torrentshell 3L Pants

Renowned for their dedication to eco-friendly practices, Patagonia boasts the Torrentshell 3L pants, made from 100% recycled nylon. These pants are not just waterproof but also feature a three-layer construction design for added protection and durability. They boast taped seams, scuff guards, and ankle zippers for added convenience. A distinguishing quality of these pants is the adjustable waist and near full-length side zippers, allowing easy on-and-off even over muddy boots.

Marmot PreCip Full-Zip Rain Pants

Marmot offers the PreCip Full-Zip Rain Pants, providing high-quality waterproof protection ideal for hiking or backpacking. The NanoPro fabric technology is waterproof and breathable, designed to keep you dry and comfortable. Moreover, these pants feature full-length side zippers, allowing you to regulate temperature and easily put on or take off the pants. With an additional advantage, the pant legs can be rolled up and snapped into place, offering more versatility.

Helly-Hansen Voss Waterproof Pant

Lastly, the Helly-Hansen Voss Waterproof Pant is another fantastic option for hikers seeking dependability in wet weather. These pants are constructed with PU fabric featuring a Helox+ technology that provides full weather protection and full stretch for ease of movement. Its adjustable snap bottom hem and quick-dry inside liner both serve to improve overall user comfort and convenience.

Every mentioned waterproof hiking pant is designed to provide optimum protection and convenience, but each offers a unique set of features. It is important to consider factors like breathability, flexibility, weight, and eco-friendliness when choosing the right waterproof hiking pants for your needs.

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Real-Life Experiences with Waterproof Hiking Pants

Dive headfirst into the world of waterproof hiking pants and discover real-life experiences that prove their effectiveness. Just as no two trails are alike, each pair of waterproof trekking pants offers unique qualities that stand the test of inclement weather and tricky terrains. Given that various factors are already covered, let’s delve into the review portion of this article, starting with real-life testing.

An epic trek through Roan Mountain State Park served as a proper testing ground for one Avid hiker. The scrubby trails and ankle-deep mud couldn’t dampen neither the spirit nor the clothes. Omni-Tech breathable Columbia waterproof pants passed this test with flying colors, keeping the adventurer comfortably dry while offering essential mobility. Similar testimonies from the Pacific Crest Trail and Mt. Kilimanjaro tout the value of this gear.

When it comes to reviews, the North Face Venture 2 waterproof pants consistently garner an impressive heap of stars. They owe it to the HyVent technology, ensuring breathability and supreme weather protection. The unanimous verdict from a plethora of wearers is that these pants indeed deliver on their promise.

As for stories, one of an Alaskan salmon fisher stands out. Sporting waterproof pants by Marmot, they endured relentless ocean sprays and heavy rains while remaining dry and comfortable. The accolades often mentioned Marmot’s PreCip Eco technology for its effective water-repelling capability.

The Right Pair at the Right Time

If you encounter a relentless downpour while hiking an unexplored trail, the last thing you want is to question your outfit. A good pair of waterproof pants not only offers optimal protection but also greatly enhances your overall outdoor experience. Through the trials of mud and rain, the right pair of hiking pants will remain a trusted companion on your quest for new adventures. Life is too short for ‘stay at home’ pants—head outdoors and embrace the unpredictable rush of the wild.

Image of a person wearing waterproof hiking pants facing a waterfall in a lush forest Waterproof Hiking Pants

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Essential Features of Waterproof Hiking Pants

To the untrained eye, waterproof hiking pants might seem like any other pants. But anyone who’s journeyed deep into the wilderness or up the crest of a mountain will attest that the right pair can be a game-changer. Remember, our aim should not only be to reach our destination but also to derive pleasure from the journey. Striding forward without worrying about the weather or rugged terrain contributes greatly to this enjoyment.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of features that turn waterproof pants from run-of-the-mill to must-haves for globetrotters. After all, who wants a soggy trail experience when you could be dancing in the rain, right?

A Snug but Flexible Fit

First off, a well-proportioned fit is essential for any travel gear. Waterproof hiking pants are no different! These should offer a comfortable, snug fit but with plenty of space for movement. Think: striding over a log, climbing or bending. Keep an eye out for pants labeled as “active” or “athletic fit”. They often come with a bit of stretch – the perfect thing to keep you comfortable and carefree all day long during your gorge-traversal or mountain-conquest.

Lightweight Material

Every inch and ounce count when you are on the move. Featherlight waterproof pants are indispensable, particularly for long trails. Fabrics like nylon, or polyester combined with technologies like Gore-Tex can make trousers both lightweight and water-resistant. So, bid farewell to the shivering thought of heavy, dripping wet pants along your path of exploration!


In the quest for waterproofness, let’s not forget breathability. It’s essential to strike a balance between shedding rain and releasing body heat. Opt for pants lined with a breathable membrane, ensuring you stay dry, both inside and out.

Zippered Pockets

Water-proof pockets, preferably zippered, can be a lifesaver in the unpredictable outdoor landscape. Store your trail essentials – map, compass, snacks, or even compact camera equipment – conveniently and securely. It’s time to wave goodbye to the dread of soaked, unusable items!

Built-in Gaiters

A bonus but highly practical design feature is built-in gaiters. These handy additions help seal your boots, preventing water from sneaking in through the top. Not all pants come with this feature, but it’s an incredible bonus if you foresee significant splashy challenges!

Insect Repellent

Finally, suppose you’re venturing into bug territory. In that case, some waterproof pants come prepared with insect-repelling properties. While not a must-have for everyone, it’s a beneficial feature to consider.

With these indispensable features in your waterproof hiking pants, every trail will morph into a joyous celebration of your intrepid spirit. Hike on, dear nomads, and let the rain simply add another tune to your wild symphony! Embrace it, dance in it, feel invincible because you, adventurer, are prepared.

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Care and Maintenance of Waterproof Hiking Pants

Venturing into the divine embrace of nature never fails to thrill, but ensuring the durability of your waterproof hiking pants is crucial for every adventurous nomad. A proactive approach towards proper care and maintenance can ensure the longevity of your faithful travelling companion. So, let’s dive right into those tips and tricks to keep your waterproof pants prepared for any journey that beckons.

Wash your Waterproof Hiking Pants

Step one is washing. Avoid using laundry detergents and fabric softeners as they can seriously harm the water-repelling finish on your pants and cause it to degrade. Opt for specialized sportswear detergents, such as Nikwax Tech Wash, which is specially formulated to clean waterproof breathable fabrics. Hold back on the urge to handwash; instead, utilize the gentle cycle on your washing machine.

It’s also essential to rinse your pants thoroughly. This prevents detergent residues from compromising the water repellent finish. Therefore, a second rinse cycle can prove beneficial. However, remember: too much washing can cause wear and tear. So, tramp down the instinct to wash them frequently. Instead, spot clean your pants and only wash when necessary.


Here’s a tip you might not have expected: revive the repellency with a blow-dry. Post-wash, the warmth of a tumble dryer on medium heat or a gentle blow-dry can reactivate the water-repelling treatment. Of course, make sure to follow the care instructions stated on your specific pair of pants.

Re-waterproof when necessary

For those patches that start to darken and soak up rain instead of repelling, a reproofing treatment can come to your rescue. Products like Nikwax TX.Direct Wash-In can add a new water repellent layer, ensuring your snowy treks and rainy adventures are not hampered.

Store your Waterproof Hiking Pants

Next up, storage. A cardinal rule every nomad traveler should keep in mind: never pack up your pants damp. Humidity can invite mold and mildew, ruining the fabric. Ensure your hiking pants are completely dry before storing. Also, keep them away from direct heat sources or sunlight, as extreme temperatures can degrade the fabric and waterproofing over time.

Mend When Required

Finally, mending. Don’t consider those minor tears a huge setback. Simple sew-on patches or adhesive patches like the Gear Aid Gore-Tex Fabric Repair Kit can mend the fabric, while a touch of Seam Grip WP Waterproof Sealant and Adhesive ensures waterproofing isn’t compromised.

Responsible adventuring not only entails respecting nature but also taking care of your gear. Quality waterproof hiking pants are an investment. Protect your investment with proper washing, avoiding harmful detergents, and using specialized sportswear detergents. After all, outdoor enthusiasts understand that careful maintenance extends the life, performance, and water repellency of their gear.

Every worn path or unseen trail holds a story, and with properly cared for waterproof pants, you can freely explore each one. So, wander without worries, let every droplet slide off smooth, and ensure your waterproof hike pants serve you and your adventurous spirit for years. Embrace the possibilities and adventures that stretch out before you, ready to be discovered and treasured in the heart of an explorer.

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Final Thoughts on the Top Waterproof Hiking Pants for Your Next Adventure

Choosing the right pair of waterproof hiking pants can transform your hiking experience, shielding you from harsh weather elements and ensuring your comfort throughout your adventure. It’s not just about picking any pants with a waterproof label. Consider the breathability, durability, comfort, and fit. Furthermore, dive into the world of top brands offering superior quality hiking pants, explore their unique aspects, and understand their pricing strategy. Also, it’s essential to know how to extend the lifespan of your hiking pants through correct cleaning and maintenance practices. Remember, your adventure’s success isn’t solely based on your hiking know-how, but also hinges on the quality and reliability of your gear. So, arm yourself with the right knowledge, choose wisely, and step into the wilderness, fully prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way.